Welcome To Our Studio LILY HAYES is a photography story teller located in Rowlett, Texas. Come have an adventure with us! xoxo

You're searching for a newborn photographer, all you have to do is Google and you'll find many, many choices. How do you know who to choose? Many people just shop by the price, but when it comes to newborn photography (and all genres of photography), let's just say you get what you pay for. If you are willing to spend some more, you bypass all that have little to no training and (or) experience, those who shoot with their consumer level camera on auto mode, and give you a disc of 100 unedited photos or very badly edited images. Probably because the baby wasn't calm or relaxed, because the photographer didn't take the time to soothe the baby...so important, yet for that reason, this crucial step was overlooked. Chances are you could probably do it better yourself. I don't know about you but when it comes to my own newborns, I'd be willing to pay for a clean, in focus works of art, babies sleeping peacefully and posed comfortably, photographs. It's important to hire a professional. I could go into a long spiel, again about my business expenses and explain how much my equipment cost me and how long it takes to edit..yada..yada..yada, but I know you don't care and I don't blame you! :)

In my three years in business I have photographed many, many newborns. I have taken newborn posing and safety workshops, I have had three babies myself. Your baby is just a few days old and your photographer will be all over your precious baby, posing, wrapping, soothing, lifting..etc. You can't trust just anyone to do that. I always do whats best and safest for your baby. I take time to gently pose your baby, so that not only does the images look peacefully, but actually comfortable. I am patient. I pay attention to the little details because in the end the little things makes a huge difference. I don't snap until it's perfect and your baby is relaxed. I'd rather take 20-25 stunning images, than 50 okay ones. Each photograph you get from me is a piece of art. I know and understand light. I know how to use it and make the final images stunning and to help any new mom look her best. I understand Photoshop and only use it to enhance, not change your image. You're getting experience. No you won't be in and out in an hour (leave that to the Sears studio) but I take the time needed to create the artwork you want. When you see your images on the gallery, you'll be happy you've spent the time you did in my studio.

I offer simple collections - the digital collection. It includes all the edited high resolution images from your babies session. In today's modern world, my clients love having their images in digital format. This allows for unlimited printing at your leisure and the availability of having your digital files forever. Digital files are the one of the highest priced items because once I sell you the files, I lose any future sales from that session. I need to make sure my time spent on your session leaves me with a profit for the long haul. If a photographer is charging you $150 (excluding specials) for the session and digital files, chances are they are not operating a legal business (licensed, paying taxes, paying insurance) and probably does not have the best quality in equipment, experience or knowledge to get the job done. Otherwise, between all those expenses (and there are MANY, MANY more) its hard to even make a profit at that price point. I am in business for the long haul and don't plan on burning out anytime soon. You will soon realize not many photographers sell digitals, let alone the whole gallery. However, when they do, you will see that they are usually priced ALOT higher than the fine art prints...etc. The digital is the original piece of art, it belongs to the photographer. So you say you just don't have the money? You just cannot afford it but think of all the things you have bought that you probably couldn't afford, myself included..lol. These are all luxury items and 9 times out of 10 you had to save up for them. It's the same thing for Custom Photography. It's an investment. A monetary and numerically investment worth alot more than any other bought possession. For that reason, most clients book months in advance to save up for their session.

Good photography is worth an investment and as they say "cheap photography isn't good and good photography isn't cheap". I strongly urge any potential clients, whether you decide to use Lily Hayes Photography or not (which I really hope you do! ♥) to really contemplate the delicate nature, experience, and quality of equipment/props used to create these beautiful images for you, especially when your putting your trust and newborn into the hands of your photographer. Your baby will only be a newborn once and unfortunately their is absolutely no do over!

xoxo-Lily Hayes