Voted best newborn photographer Winner of 2017 Dallas, Ft Worth Best Newborn Photography by Expertise

Are you in search of a newborn photographer in Dallas to do a photo shoot of your bundle of joy? You might turn to Google in this regard, trawling through the many choices that pop up. But how can you know which one is the right photographer for you? Most people tend to just sort out their options according to the price, which is a common way to go about it. But with newborn photography, it’s important to keep in mind that you will get exactly what you pay for—so you might want to take a good look at your budget. If you expand it a bit to spend just a little more on your child’s photo shoot, then you’ll be able to factor out all the inexperienced and untrained photographers out there. These are the ones who take pictures with a consumer level camera on auto mode, and send over a hundred photos that are either poorly edited or not edited at all. The photos can turn out poorly because the baby was fussing and not relaxed, perhaps because the photographer didn’t care to calm the baby—something that is quite crucial to the entire process. With a photographer like this, you could stand to do a better job!


If I were the one making the decision, I would rather pay for a photographer who knows what they’re doing, able to provide me with sharp and focused stills of my newborn posed beautifully and comfortably. It’s essential to hire a professional, and I’d be willing to talk at length about my equipment and my business expenses—but I know that’s not relevant to you!I’ve been in the photography business for three years now, and have photographers many newborns in that time. Not to mention the fact that I have three babies of my own, and have also taken workshops on newborn posing and safety. Given the fact that the photographer is going to be handling your baby, it can be difficult to trust just anyone with that. However, I only do what’s safest for your baby, taking time to keep them comfortable and help them pose them gently. Getting the perfect image takes patience, and I have oodles of that! All the little details make a big impact on the end result, and I’m not taking any pictures until the right moment when your baby is peacefully posed. It’s better to take 20 to 25 amazing pictures than 50 subpar ones. I work to create a piece of art with my photography, using my knowledge of lighting and Photoshop to my advantage. With me, you get experience. Experience and a dedication to the craft—you won’t get a short, soulless one hour in and out session. The time spent in my studio will be well worth the end result!

I provide my clients with simple collections in digital format, with all the final edited versions of hi-res images of your newborn’s photo shoot. With digital files, parents have the liberty to print out images at their leisure, with a permanent store for future use. These digital files are amongst the highest priced items—this is because once the files are sold to you, I’m not making any more sales from that session. For this reason, I need to ensure that the profit I make from your session is enough for the long haul. If you tell me you’re being charged $150 for both the session as well as the digitals, then it’s likely that their business is not licensed and legal. And they’re likely not to have the best equipment or much experience in the field. At that price, alongside all the many business expenses, it’s impossible to make profit. I intend to do photography in the long-term, and don’t intend to burn out in the near future. Not many photographers sell off their digitals, especially not the entire gallery. And when they do? You’ll notice that they tend to be priced way more than fine art prints. You may say you don’t have the money, but investing in photography is a worthwhile decision—saving up is the ideal way to go about it! Whether it’s for my newborn photography, maternity photography, or other photo shoot services, you will be making a quality investment in something that’s worth the effort, time, and money. Most clients of mine tend to book months in advance for a photo shoot session!

They say that "cheap photography isn't good and good photography isn't cheap", and I couldn’t agree more. When it comes to baby photography, high quality work is an investment. I would love for potential clients to invest in Lily Hayes Photography’s services, but even if they don’t, I’m a firm advocate of giving careful thought to the process of newborn photography, the delicate nature of it, as well as the experience of the photographer and the quality of the equipment and props contributing to the end result. You’re putting your newborn child, and all the trust that goes with it, in the photographer, and you want to get the most precious images possible out of the entire experience. You baby is going to be a newborn only once, so you’ve only got one chance to make the most of it!

xoxo-Lily Hayes