Voted best newborn photographer Winner of 2017, 2018, 2019 Dallas, Ft Worth Best Newborn Photography by Expertise

In search of a Newborn Photographer in Dallas, all you have to do is Google in your key words and you'll find an endless amount of photographers to choose from, but how would you know which one is right for you? Most people tend to shop by price, which is completely understandable but with Newborn Photography, and all genres of photography, let's just say you get what you pay for.

If you're willing to expand your budget a bit, you’ll factor out all the inexperienced and untrained photographers out there. Photographers who take pictures with a consumer level camera on auto mode and send over a hundred photos that are either poorly edited or baby not looking comfortable at all. Perhaps because the photographer didn’t take the necessary time and care to soothe your precious little one—something that is very important and quite crucial in the process of creating works of art.

I don't know about you but for this once in a lifetime experience, I would rather pay a bit more for clean, crisp, sweet photos of my babies posed beautifully and comfortably. For the reason and many it's very important to hire a professional. 

In my 6 years in business, I have photographed over 300 newborns, I have taken posing and safety workshops, I've had three babies of my own! :) Let's not forget to talk about, insurance; yes, I'm fully insured! Although reasonable DSLR cameras are easily accessible to consumers, what matters most is the skill it takes to manually and creatively use that equipment. I have personally invested over $40k in camera, lenses, studio lighting, computers, latest editing software, management systems. Over 20K in quality newborn props; backdrops, floors, outfits, headbands, hats, wood props, blankets, wraps to name a few but that's just the expense of want it takes to produce an image, it does not include my CODB; taxes, licenses, memberships, subscriptions, fees, marketing..etc. It's an investment I have made and will continue to make into my business. Most importantly and above all else, a commitment I make to every single client of mine that I will produce the best possible photographs.

In this digital age, clients love having their photographs in digital format. You'll notice not many photographers include their digitals, let alone the entire gallery. When they do, you'll notice they're priced alot highers than the tangiable products. Reason being, digital files are amongst the highest priced items to photographers, because once I give you the files, I lose any future sales from your session. For this reason, I need to ensure a reasonable profit is made. If you tell me you're being charged $150 for a newborn session with digitals, chances are that photographer is not operating a legal business and likely doesn't have the best equipment/props or much experience in the field. At that price, along side all the many other business expenses to run and maintain a business, it's impossible to make a profit at that price point. 

Investing in Professional Photography is worth an investment that will far outshine and out value any other worldly possessions you might own. Saving up is the ideal way to go about it. You'll be making an investment that's is truly worth the time, effort, and money. For that reason clients tend to book months in advance. They say, "cheap photography isn't good and good photography isn't cheap" and I couldn't agree more. When it comes to Newborn Photography, high quality work is every bit, worth an investment. I strongly urge potential clients to give this memorable moment in your lives, thoughtful consideration and really consider the delicate nature of it as well, after all your baby will only be itty bitty once, and unfortunately, as we all know, their is no do over. 


Lily Hayes