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5 Ways to Prepare Children for Portraits

Prepare Children for PortraitsChildren are spontaneous, creative, quick on their feet, and that is why we love them so much. But chasing them around for a decent photo? Not so much fun.

Children are notoriously hard to get photographed. They don’t want to sit still for anything! So when the time comes for picture day, all you want is your toddler to stay still for five seconds, look into the camera and put on a nice smile. Is that too much to ask?

Well for children, yes.

Photographing children can be quite challenging, but with a few tricks up your sleeve, you too can get good, if not amazing, portraits taken of them.

Here are a few ways you can prepare children for getting photographed.

Don’t Tell Them What to Do

“Sit down,” “be quiet,” “don’t make noise,” “don’t hit your brother” are what kids hear all day long. Most kids don’t like doing what they’re being told to do. Instead of being a dictator and ordering them around when getting their picture taken, try being a little less bossy. Treat them like equals and make them feel as if they have control. Give them a little control and they’ll be happy to do as you say (for the most part).

They Don’t Need to Look At the Camera

For children who do not want to stay still, being asked to sit down and stare into a big, black thing will not go over well. But that’s okay; you don’t need them to look into the camera to capture some amazing shots. Kids wants to explore and look around so let them! Let them move around while you follow them and capture all the perfect moments.

Children photographyActions Speak Louder Than Words

Rather than instructing them on what to do or what pose to make, show them. Children tend to mimic what the adults are doing so make use of that. If you want them to portray a particular expression or make a specific pose, show them what to do yourself. They might not give you the exact same thing but they’ll give you their version of it.

Let Them Have Fun

They are, after all, kids and what they want is to have some fun and get into mischief. Don’t hinder them from having a good time. The most perfect shots can be taken while the kids are enjoying to the fullest. Capture their raw emotions of joy and let them do what they like doing. Don’t make them sit still and make stuffy poses.

Here at Lily Hayes Photography, we make sure to capture the purest emotions of joy that only come from being a kid. We know what kids are like and we don’t expect them to be anything else! If you’re looking for photographers in Dallas, contact us now!

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