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A Guide To Newborn Photography: Preparations And Poses

Through the emotional upheaval and exhaustion that comes with being a new parent, memories of this time-period start becoming fuzzy for us too. That’s why it’s so crucial to capture the innocence and essence of your newborn while you can still position their tiny hands and feet perfectly.

Ideally, you should schedule your newborn’s photo shoot within the first two weeks of birth so that it’s easier to photograph them. Plus, you’ll get a shot of your little one adorably snoozing away in a little basket.

Wish to make the most out of the newborn photography session? Check out our guide for more ideas:

Posed and lifestyle photo sessions

There are two common types of newborn photography: posed/studio and lifestyle photo shoots. While a posed photo session will allow you to get creative with blankets, wraps, headbands and hats for your precious baby, it requires tons of patience; your baby will need feeding breaks and diaper changes. You’ll probably also have to deal with crying spells.

A lifestyle photo shoot has a more casual approach; the purpose of this shoot is to get candid images of the baby—although it can include some intentional posing. The best part is that these images capture the amazement, wonder and love of the family members.

Pro tip: Use the break from the posed photo session as a chance to get some lifestyle shots in; Feed the baby in a spot that offers great natural light—and voila, you have yourself a great opportunity for natural shots.

Wardrobes and props

Anything and everything is welcome when it comes to props and creative wardrobe—as long they’re baby-safe! However, try to keep it simple; piling up decorative items can take the focus away from your precious baby.

Parents love to explore props like wedding rings, fuzzy blankets, matching socks, family heirlooms and stuffed animals.

As for the baby wardrobe, we suggest pre-planning two to three outfit changes for the photo session; make sure they’re readily available—this can even include cute diaper covers and bear onesies.


Changing up the location where your newborn is laying can easily add variety to your photos. Neutral couches, ottomans and shallow baskets are great options for creative backgrounds. Moreover, drape blankets and pillows for added color and textures.

I offer top-notch but affordable newborn photography services in Dallas—complete with creative backdrops, props, headbands and beautiful wraps. Give me a call at 972-832-2595 for more information.

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