A Look Into Our Studio!

Hi There! Thank you so much for stopping by!! ♥ Here you will find a look into our custom designed studio space located in our home in Rowlett.

Newborn sessions take place in a two room studio. The first photo, is the actual custom designed studio space where many of the backdrop, bucket poses take place. The second room is where all the natural poses on a soft fabric are taken. Having all the setups completed by the time my clients arrive gives more time to photograph that precious baby of yours and less time waiting for me to set up each scene after another.

In case you’re wondering, do I need to bring anything? The answer is absolutely not! Well, unless you have a special family heirloom or an item of sentimental value that you would want to incorporate in your newborn’s session otherwise everything from start to the end of your newborn’s session is provided including hats, outfits, headbands..etc. As you can see we have a wide variety of different props, backdrops, and outfits to choose from.  If you are not interested in using backdrops, we also do natural sessions as well.

Clients are also more than welcome to stop by the studio to pick and choose which props you would want to incorporate to use in the session. Roughly about 98% of my clients give me full creativity, meaning they let me pick and choose the color scheme, set ups and props to use but please know I’m totally open to you helping choose them as well!! ♥

In an instance where I don’t have what you’re looking for, you the client are responsible for purchasing and bringing those extra items to the session. I only purchase additional items needed, if I’m missing a coordinating hat or headband to match the existing set up I or (we) have created.

Anyway, again thank you so much for stopping by!! I’d LOVE to have you and your little one in for their very own custom designed session so please don’t hesitate to contact me at this link for any questions !!

Hope to hear from you soon!! ♥