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Getting Your Man Involved in Your Maternity Photo Shoot

Men can get nervous in front of a camera, especially when the pressure is on to make sure the photos come out looking great. If you’re considering planning a maternity photoshoot to capture your pregnancy glow, and your significant other doesn’t seem all that excited, don’t worry. He probably has the jitters about having to pose in front of the camera. Here are some simple ways to get him more involved. (more…)

5 Key Factors for Taking Better Maternity Photographs

Maternity photography hasn’t always been popular. People would believe in hiding their pregnancy to keep the evil eye away and pregnant women would hesitate from flaunting their baby bumps.

However, things are changing now. Women are encouraged to enjoy their pregnancy and make the most of this time. Maternity photography is one way to make a woman feel amazing about the life she’s about to bring into this world. (more…)


Documenting my own children's lives and they're organic way of being day after day, did I truly understand how PRICELESS photographs were. How much I wanted to spend every waking moment documenting their everyday life, before it too, became a faded memory. Soon after that it became an obsession to capture your very own life, and the life you love! :)


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