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Tips for a Stunning Maternity Shoot

Maternity photography is a lovely way to capture the radiance pregnant woman exude just before their new baby arrives. Not only do they feel like they’re worth all the good things, they also feel alive, free, and of course, beautiful! So why not capture it with a maternity photo shoot?


Pose Solo

While you might want to stand beside your partner, and take hundreds of photos with them – this is truly your time to shine. Ensure that you get a ton of solo photos flaunting your baby bump. Cradle your belly lovingly and smile at the camera for a wonderful photo with your baby.


Find a Suitable Location

This is essential because you don’t want to be walking for long when you’re supporting your pregnant belly.  Most mothers-to-be skip this highly important step and end up exhausted on the shoot location. Keep in mind that you want to look your best for the occasion, so choosing a location that won’t give you aching feet is necessary.


Bring out Some Accessories

And when we say accessorize, we don’t mean just donning some jewelry. Although jewelry is an important thing to glam you up for the shoot, there are other things that can serve as props and accessories for your maternity shoot.


Pregnant woman in green dress holding her belly


Bring photos of your sonogram, as well as any other interesting accessories you’d like to use in the photos, such as a pair of baby shoes or other newborn apparel. These things will make for some adorable maternity images, particularly in close-ups.


Twirl or Walk

Adding natural movement to a photo almost always brings a sense of realness to it. Ask your partner to walk beside you, or lead them on by your hand so the photographer can capture you two from the side. Your connection with your partner will naturally bring out your smile—and is there anything better to wear than that?

Try twirling as well, in addition to letting your partner hold your belly tenderly. Try different styles and poses to allow your photographer to click frame-worthy pictures of you.

If you’re ready to welcome your bundle of joy into the world, consider reaching out to Lily Hayes Photography for a maternity shoot in Dallas. We guarantee to make you happy with your maternity photos, so much so, that you’ll find yourself contacting us for newborn photography in no time.

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Your Baby’s First Shoot: Here’s What You Shouldn’t Miss

While you might’ve chosen a newborn photographer in Dallas area for amazing professional photos, there’s a few things that must be kept in mind when you visit the studio.

Our experts at Lily Hayes Photography have compiled a list of things you shouldn’t miss when going for a shoot with your baby – continue reading to know more.


Make it a Family Affair

While this is a time of joy for all of the baby’s family, the parents often skip on involving grandparents, aunts, and uncles in professional photos. Plan the appointment in such a way that the baby’s individual photos and with their parents should be wrapped up by the time their grandparents or other family members arrive. This way, everything will go on smoothly. Your baby will cherish the photos forever, and so will the rest of the family.


Use Props

Depending on their age, babies attach themselves to certain toys and other distractions. When going for the photoshoot, take their favorite toy along. Don’t forget their cuddle bunny or any other toy you want in the photos. These photos will serve as memories, and you want all your child’s first few things included in them.


Mother giving bath to her baby in a tub


Details Matter

When babies are born, their sparkling eyes grab all the well-deserved attention. Ask the photographer to take close up shots of those big round eyes, and also when your baby falls asleep. Prop your baby up in a flower basket or swaddle them in their favorite blanket, and capture every little detail.


Natural Photos

Professional, stylized shots are nice, but natural shots take things up a notch. Don’t insist on getting too many of those, and instead, arrange for a setting in which your baby can relax and smile. The more they feel at ease, the better your photos will turn out. You can make silly faces at them, or make cooing sounds to soothe their nerves too.

At Lily Hayes Photography, we help you make memories that last. We offer licensed newborn photography in Rowlett, and you can also hire us for affordable wedding photography. We will ensure that your newborn is handled with the utmost care, and also provide a good setting for family photography in Dallas, TX. Get in touch with us now!






Why every expecting mom should do a maternity shoot

Pregnancy is a beautiful and blessed journey in every women’s life. Your glowing skin, beautiful locks and cute belly requires a shoot. Find out why every expecting mom should do a maternity shoot.


Why every expecting mom should do a maternity shoot

Tips for Newborn Photography

Photographing a newborn baby can be a difficult task but the pictures make it all worth it. Follow these tips for newborn photography.

tips for newborn photography

How to Manage a Baby’s Photography Session with a Fussy Infant

You were probably so eager to see your little one that you must have read baby-center descriptive sizes a million times!


And now that your little one is here, you can’t wait to capture his ten tiny fingers and toes in a baby shoot.


But here is the secret about babies that you have probably learned if you gave birth to one or have just ever held one.


Babies—especially infants—have their own personalities and their own moods. And they can get quite fussy.


Also, they wail.


But as caretakers, we have managed to learn the how and whys.


So if you have a baby photography session perhaps inspired by Beyonce, and you fear your infant may get fussy, here are a few tips and tricks to help you manage. And, of course, hope it’s a smooth ride.


After all, it is all about the memories. Remember, they’re only this tiny once, so don’t even think about skipping or canceling the shoot.


 1. Don’t Make It A Big Deal. 


The way the universe works is that you worry about something too much; chances are it will go wrong. So if you spend the night awake, worrying about the baby shoot- chances are the next morning, you’ll be tired and short on patience.


Remember, it is supposed to be fun, and even if the baby is a bit fussy, it is okay. As experienced baby photographers, we understand that part of the shoot. We don’t expect your 2-week old baby to act like an adult.


 2. Accidents happen, so be flexible 


Baby photo sessions can take time. There have been incidents where a mother was posing with her newborn, and the sleeping baby had a diaper explosion. Gooey warm poop covered her entire dress and landed on the props as well. The parents burst out laughing, and the photographer captured a great memory for the family—parenting in all its glory.



3. Plan ahead for your baby photo session


If you want sleeping shots of the baby, plan nap time accordingly. If you want the baby to be awake and happy, make sure he is well-rested and well-fed, and burped. Change the shoot time around in advance.


Plopping down a hungry or sleepy baby on the mat will not get you the best pictures.


Make a note of all the sounds and toys that attract your infant. These could be brightly-colored toys or their favorite blanket.




4. Baby-friendly photographer 


Last but not least, hire a photographer who understands motherhood and the emotions behind them. At Lily Hayes photography, Lily herself is a mother to four boys. In fact, she stepped into the world of photography so she could capture how incredibly innocent her firstborn was. She understands how these images and memories are priceless. This is why having her on your team is a great way to manage a fussy baby during a photoshoot.


To book a session with her, contact her by visiting her website.


Documenting my own children's lives and they're organic way of being day after day, did I truly understand how PRICELESS photographs were. How much I wanted to spend every waking moment documenting their everyday life, before it too, became a faded memory. Soon after that it became an obsession to capture your very own life, and the life you love! :)


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