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4 Helpful Posing Tips for Your Maternity Photoshoot

Remember how excited you were when you first noticed your baby bump?

There’s nothing more special than seeing the signs of new life growing inside you. Knowing that you’re about to add another member to your beautiful family can be overwhelming, but exciting regardless. Throughout history, pregnancies have been celebrated in film, art, and poetry.

Today, the most common way to freeze the enchanting moment in time is through maternity photoshoots. But not everyone is a natural in front of the camera. Don’t worry! These posing tips can help you get the maternity photoshoot pictures you’ve been dreaming of.

Solo Poses

Posing by yourself is usually harder than posing with a partner because you have no moral or physical support. But just follow these tips and you’ll be good to go!


1.    Don’t Just Stand Straight Up

If you’re uncomfortable in front of the camera, you’ll naturally hunch over or stand straight up with your hands by your side. Try not to do that by putting your hands over your bump instead. Move your legs around and change your orientation every now and then. Ask your maternity photographer not to take straight-on shots since those can be unflattering. Side shots are the way to go!

2.    Hold or Twirl Your Gown

Many maternity photographers will suggest you wear a flowy gown for the shoot. That’s because not only are maternity gowns beautiful, but they’re also helpful for posing. You can grab and pull your gown up by the sides and pose while looking to the side. You can even get a mid-twirl shot!


Partner Poses

If your partner is joining the shoot, then the following posing tips can help you inject some romance and emotions into the pictures.


3.    Sit Down with a Good Backdrop

Waterfalls, floral arrangements, docks, and sunsets make for beautiful backdrops in your pictures. If you’re having a maternity shoot in Dallas, you can go to many stunning locations and sit down nearby. Have your partner reach out from behind you to hold your bump while you lean back on their shoulder.

4.    Take Some Silhouette Shots

Who doesn’t love a classic silhouette shot? Head over to the beach or some large open space during the sunset. Your maternity photographer will adjust the camera settings accordingly. Try twirling, dancing, back-hugging, or other movement poses with your partner against the bright natural backdrop to get some stunning silhouette maternity photographs.


Couple posing for a maternity photoshoot by Lily Hayes Photography


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The Mother’s Guide – 5 Essential Items to Carry for Your Newborn Photoshoot

If you’re one of those parents who spend way too much time worrying about their kids, then this blog is for you!

It’s natural to worry about your child’s safety, especially if they’re a newborn baby. This worry might get worse during a newborn photoshoot. Any experienced photographer who deals with children will tell you about the highly concerned parents they try to calm down during shoots.

A good newborn photographer understands your plight and works to ensure that your requirements are met. However, there are some important precautions you should take on your when heading over to your newborn baby’s photoshoot. Let’s start with the essentials you should carry.

1.    Pacifiers and Other Baby Care Items

You should always carry your baby’s pacifier (and one or two extra ones) with you wherever you take them. Other baby care items you should carry are an abundance of diapers and cleaning wipes. Your newborn photographer is only responsible for things involved directly with the photoshoot, so baby care essentials are your responsibility.


2.    Swaddle Blankets or Wraps

The photoshoot is sure to go smoothly if your little one just snoozes through it. Accomplish this task by swaddling them with blankets or cloth wraps. If you swaddle the baby properly, it may even help them stay calm and avoid crying in the face of flashing cameras and an unfamiliar environment.


3.    Sound Machine or White Noise App

Another easy way to keep your toddler asleep and at peace is through white noise. You can carry a portable sound machine that plays white noise on-demand, or you can simply download a white noise app on your phone and carry that.


4.    Extra Set of Clothes

Newborns are messy. Your baby can drool a lot, throw up after being breastfed, or make a mess in general. All of these things can ruin their clothes and thus, the newborn photoshoot. So, definitely keep one or a few extra sets of clothes for your baby. Also keep extra wraps/blankets since those can get dirty, too.


5.    Snacks and Drinks for Yourself

Newborn baby photoshoots can last quite a while. Usually, they range from about 2-3 hours. During this time, you may get hungry or bored while your newborn photographer does the work. So, carry some snacks and drinks with you, and enjoy your time!


Newborn photography by Lily Hayes Photography


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5 Creative Ways to Preserve Your Newborn Baby’s Memories

The feeling of becoming a parent for the first time is something most parents never forget. After going through the long journey of pregnancy, having your baby may feel like an accomplishment — and accomplishments deserve to be cherished forever!

For centuries, parents could only use physical photo albums as a way to preserve their baby’s memories. Today, however, your options are endless! Here are some unique ones.

1.    Thematic Newborn Photoshoot

The difference between old baby pictures and modern ones is the amount of effort put into them. Unlike old times, parents no longer hesitate to go all out with a newborn photoshoot.

Many newborn photographers often follow a theme with each photoshoot. They use eccentric props, great lighting, unique angles, and elaborate setups surrounding the theme they or the parent has chosen. A thematic newborn photoshoot that becomes a part of a digital photo album can help you preserve your baby’s memories forever!


2.    Baby Scrapbook/Journal

You might already have a baby book, but do you have a baby journal? Baby journaling involves documenting your baby’s everyday life through a visual diary. You can get creative with it by attaching small keepsakes like your child’s paintings or drawings in between the pages of your baby scrapbook or journal.


3.    Newborn Handprints and Footprints

Invest in some plaster of Paris, cement, or silicone rubber to make prints and molds of your newborn baby’s handprints and footprints. You can make a mixture of plaster of Paris and let it solidify just a little bit, then press your baby’s hand/feet on it to get a perfect print. You can do this by making a mold out of silicone rubber too. Now, use these prints as home décor or canvas prints on walls!


4.    Baby Memory Box

For new parents, it might be hard to just throw away little crafts, broken toys, ruined paintings, or other items that their baby no longer needs. If you’re one of these parents, you can just make a memory box that contains all of these items! When your child is older, you can even pull out this box for a trip down memory lane.


5.    Newborn Clothes Memory Quilt

Don’t want to discard clothes your baby might be outgrowing? Put them to another use! You can cut the clothes up, separate clean sections, and sew them all together to make a memory quilt. Your baby won’t be outgrowing a quilt for a while, and even when they’re old enough to do so, they’ll hold it dear for the memories it holds for them.


Newborn baby photography by Lily Hayes Photography


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