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What to Wear to Your Maternity Photo Shoot: Mom-to-Be Edition

Pregnancy is a wonderful, magical experience for most women. Despite the morning sickness and discomfort, it’s a time to marvel over the miracle of life. Being able to look back at this time years later is something you, your partner, and your baby will cherish immensely. (more…)

Full Newborn Collection

Client did receive more than the number of files shown but here is a tiny glimpse into the full newborn session showing the 4 different set ups with family photos. Each different foreground is considered a set up.

Mini Newborn Session

Mini newborn session; 1 foreground with use of 3 props, bucket, basket and bed


Documenting my own children's lives and they're organic way of being day after day, did I truly understand how PRICELESS photographs were. How much I wanted to spend every waking moment documenting their everyday life, before it too, became a faded memory. Soon after that it became an obsession to capture your very own life, and the life you love! :)


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