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5 Ways to Prepare Children for Portraits

Prepare Children for PortraitsChildren are spontaneous, creative, quick on their feet, and that is why we love them so much. But chasing them around for a decent photo? Not so much fun.

Children are notoriously hard to get photographed. They don’t want to sit still for anything! So when the time comes for picture day, all you want is your toddler to stay still for five seconds, look into the camera and put on a nice smile. Is that too much to ask? (more…)

How To Prepare for a Maternity Portrait Session

Maternity Portrait Session

Having a baby is a wonderful time in an expectant mother’s life; you’re at the precipice of something big happening. The growing baby, not to mention the growing bump, is a major change.

Maternity photography will help you capture this monumental moment in your life. It will capture not only your beautiful round belly but also the love and emotions you’re feeling at that time. This is one phase of your life that you will deeply cherish and will want to remember forever. What better way to do that than to have a magical maternity portrait session?

Preparing yourself before a maternity photoshoot is a wise move. It will put you in a relaxed state of mind as well as help the photographer get great pictures! Here’s how you can be in top shape during the shoot.

Pick the Best Time

The recommended time to schedule a maternity photo session is between 31 and 36 weeks of your pregnancy. Your baby bump will be a lovely round shape but not so big as to make you uncomfortable during the shoot. You will have comparatively more mobility and you can pose for pictures without any discomfort.

Clothing Matters

If you want, you can wear tight clothes that perfectly fit the outline of your bump or you can wear something flowy that only subtly hints at your growing belly. Choose to wear light fabrics and clothing that exposes the belly area. Partially clothed or fully unclothed also makes for a very natural look for those who are comfortable with it.


Bring Along Company

If you want, you can bring your husband or older kids along to your session. Having them alongside you will help get the photographer take some amazing family portraits. Your elder kids will get a chance to show their love for their unborn sibling and you can get some great family style shots.

Pose All You Want

Posing with your baby bump makes for great maternity portraits. Decide whether you’re comfortable with more intimate or more conservative poses. Try posing in different angles while holding your bump. Most probably, your photographer will direct you on how to pose, but if you have any preferences in mind, tell them beforehand.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

This is the most important piece of advice; have as much fun as you can. The more relaxed and happy you are, the better your pictures will reflect that. Enjoy the precious moments with your baby and sink into the excitement of it all. That is what maternity portrait sessions are all about.

These tips will greatly help you have a fuss-free, wonderful maternity photoshoot. If you’re looking for a photographer in Dallas to help you capture these passing magical moments, look no further than Lily Hayes Photography. We’ll make sure that your maternity portraits perfectly encapsulate all your happiness.