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How to Manage a Baby’s Photography Session with a Fussy Infant

You were probably so eager to see your little one that you must have read baby-center descriptive sizes a million times!


And now that your little one is here, you can’t wait to capture his ten tiny fingers and toes in a baby shoot.


But here is the secret about babies that you have probably learned if you gave birth to one or have just ever held one.


Babies—especially infants—have their own personalities and their own moods. And they can get quite fussy.


Also, they wail.


But as caretakers, we have managed to learn the how and whys.


So if you have a baby photography session perhaps inspired by Beyonce, and you fear your infant may get fussy, here are a few tips and tricks to help you manage. And, of course, hope it’s a smooth ride.


After all, it is all about the memories. Remember, they’re only this tiny once, so don’t even think about skipping or canceling the shoot.


 1. Don’t Make It A Big Deal. 


The way the universe works is that you worry about something too much; chances are it will go wrong. So if you spend the night awake, worrying about the baby shoot- chances are the next morning, you’ll be tired and short on patience.


Remember, it is supposed to be fun, and even if the baby is a bit fussy, it is okay. As experienced baby photographers, we understand that part of the shoot. We don’t expect your 2-week old baby to act like an adult.


 2. Accidents happen, so be flexible 


Baby photo sessions can take time. There have been incidents where a mother was posing with her newborn, and the sleeping baby had a diaper explosion. Gooey warm poop covered her entire dress and landed on the props as well. The parents burst out laughing, and the photographer captured a great memory for the family—parenting in all its glory.



3. Plan ahead for your baby photo session


If you want sleeping shots of the baby, plan nap time accordingly. If you want the baby to be awake and happy, make sure he is well-rested and well-fed, and burped. Change the shoot time around in advance.


Plopping down a hungry or sleepy baby on the mat will not get you the best pictures.


Make a note of all the sounds and toys that attract your infant. These could be brightly-colored toys or their favorite blanket.




4. Baby-friendly photographer 


Last but not least, hire a photographer who understands motherhood and the emotions behind them. At Lily Hayes photography, Lily herself is a mother to four boys. In fact, she stepped into the world of photography so she could capture how incredibly innocent her firstborn was. She understands how these images and memories are priceless. This is why having her on your team is a great way to manage a fussy baby during a photoshoot.


To book a session with her, contact her by visiting her website.

Tips For Newborn And Baby Portraits

Congratulations on the new baby! Holding your newborn is undoubtedly one of the most cherished moments in a parent’s life, and it should be celebrated as such.

Newborn and baby photoshoots are a wonderful way to commemorate the first few years of your child’s life.

There is something about their tiniest features, from the softest skin to the curliest lips, that makes your heart melt whenever you see a baby portrait.

But before you even begin to plan the shoot, there are several things you can do to ensure that you get the best shots possible.

Here’s what you need to know to ensure a stress-free newborn and baby photoshoot session in Dallas.


1. The best time to take pictures of the baby is usually within 2 weeks of birth

You may want to get a newborn photography session done as soon as possible, but it’s a good idea to wait until the baby is at least two weeks old. This is because your baby will be less fussy, and it will be easier for the photographer to work with them.


2. Swaddle the baby to keep them warm and comfy

When you get the baby dressed, make sure to use soft and warm garments to keep them from crying or getting them upset during the photoshoot. You can match the baby’s outfit with the photoshoot theme your newborn photographer might have suggested.


New-born girl swaddled in yellow knit sweater sleepin



3. A full tummy can also help to relax a baby and result in better photos

You’ll also want to make sure that the baby’s diet is consistent. For a baby photography session like this, it’s best if the child’s stomach is full and happy!

Also be prepared for accidents! Babies often need changing or feeding during shoots, so it’s always helpful to have a baby bag prepared during a shoot with babies.


4. Get involved with your baby

Babies are more comfortable when they’re around familiar faces. As parents, you will know all the tricks to make the baby laugh, cry, smile or pout, and they’ll be more than happy to help you get the perfect shot.

5. Get work done quickly

Try and keep your baby awake before their photo session so that they remain calm and sleepy during it.

Once the baby is asleep, place them in a sleeping position so that the baby photographer can quickly capture some really wonderful shots of your newborn enjoying their nap time.


Why Choose Professional Newborn Photography

Newborns are the most delicate subjects to capture. They’re just a few days old and need special care and attention at all times.

If you want professional-quality portraits of your little one, it’s best to hire Lily Hayes Photography as your newborn photographer in Dallas, TX!

I have the experience and expertise to handle your baby with care during the photoshoot.

You can check out my family, maternity, and new-born photography online.

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Poses to Master for Your Pregnancy Photoshoot

Pregnancy is such an exciting, special time for couples. As your belly expands and as you grow more comfortable in your skin, it’s a good idea to take photos of your growing body that capture how wonderful you look right now. These days’ poses during pregnancy photoshoots are less restrictive than they used to be. A common pose is to place one hand on the stomach with the palm facing out so that it is visible in the photo. Below are some great poses that can make for stunning photography.


Active Maternity Poses

Pregnancy shoots can make a lot of women anxious which is why you need to relax and try to go for candid and active poses that you do in your daily routine. There will be some poses that won’t work with a baby bump in tow, but capturing genuine happiness through pregnancy is your priority. Goofy, active shots are often best because they capture the joy and set these expecting moms at ease. A lot of moms are active and try to do things like yoga to increase their flexibility and chances of natural birth. Try to use that setting to take natural poses.


Silhouette Maternity Poses

The biggest advantage of shooting in silhouette is that it’s great for highlighting baby bumps. Silhouette shots are often used by photographers to show off what they’re best at—capturing stunning images of pregnant women and their little ones. So be sure that you choose a photographer who specializes in maternity photography if you’re going for silhouettes!


Walking Maternity Poses

To get that glowing expectant look, walk with your partner on a scenic location. This can create those sweeping, romantic images you will always cherish. This will also help the photography seem more natural.


A couple in a maternity shoot


Stunning Pregnancy Photography in Dallas

Shooting pregnant women is no easy feat. Since pregnancy can cause all sorts of changes in your subjects’ posture and body shape, you must hire a good professional who can take that into account before you even get behind your camera.

To ensure that you have memorable photos of your pregnancy that you can look back on it is crucial to hire someone who is experienced with maternity photoshoots. It will also help if you have a connection as these are truly intimate moments. If you are looking for stunning maternity photography in Dallas then consider us at Lily Hayes. We offer affordable newborn packages and also provide wedding, family, and engagement photoshoots. Check out our portfolio today.


For further details, contact us today.








How to Prepare Your Infant for an Infant Photoshoot?

Infant photoshoots are memorable, but they’re not always easy. They are tricky, especially when your baby is still so young. Even if they’re rolling over or sitting up, they can easily get distracted and want to explore instead of staying still for pictures. It can be scary to watch your baby or toddler in front of a camera, let alone keep them safe and comfortable. However, there are some things you can do as parents that will help make your shoot go smoothly and easily.


Feed Your Baby Before the Session

Feeding your baby will help them sit and stay calm for their session, as well as help them focus. This means they will be less likely to cry or fidget and disrupt you in any way during your session. Feeding your baby 20-30 minutes before the session is also important because it allows you to change your little one’s diaper before getting started so that everything is ready for their photoshoot.


Keep Your Baby Awake

Babies sleep a lot, so it can be a big challenge to keep them awake during their photography sessions. There’s nothing worse than a sleepy, cranky baby on their photoshoot wedding day. To combat crankiness, take baby’s nap schedule into account when planning your photoshoot. Try walking around or making them exercise during tummy time—whatever you can do to get them alert and interested in what’s going on around them.


Dress the Baby in Loose Clothing

Your baby is going to want to stretch out and move around, making it crucial that they wear loose clothes. Cotton materials that aren’t prone to wrinkling are best for their little photoshoot. Going without socks can help you keep everything smooth, as well! Avoid any other accessories that might get in your baby’s way during pictures.


A child posing in their photoshoot


Stunning Newborn Photography in Dallas

To ensure that you have memorable photos of your newborn that you can cherish your whole life it is essential to hire someone who is experienced. If you are looking for exceptional newborn photography in Dallas then consider us at Lily Hayes. We offer affordable newborn packages and also provide pregnancy, wedding, and engagement photoshoots. Check out our portfolio today.

For further details, contact us today.



4 Infant Photoshoot Theme Ideas in 2022

Babies grow up fast, and as much as you want them to stop growing up so you can hold their tiny hands in yours, it’s bound to happen. However, you can capture these memories in pictures; that way, you will always be able to recollect their childhood memories.


Infant photoshoots are a great idea when it comes to saving beautiful moments from your baby’s first months. Although these shoots may not go as planned because you’re little one may not be in the mood to model, they are worth the effort.


This blog will list down some infant photoshoot theme ideas for clicking studio-like photos of your little one.


Heaven-Sent Theme

A heaven-themed photoshoot is easy to create. You can use soft fabrics like furry blankets and flowers to add a more ethereal touch. For wings, feathers will do. Sometimes photographers have relevant props, too, so you can ask them as well.


Little Ballerina

Creating a ballerina-themed photoshoot is not hard. All you need to do is dress up your little one in a white tutu paired with a cute headband, and your little ballerina is all set for modeling. However, if you cannot get an infant-sized tutu, you can always DIY it.


Get Creative with Letter Boards

The use of letter boards has been quite a trend in baby photoshoots. Using colored letter boards to announce different milestones or funny quotes is an excellent idea. You can DIY letter boards if your photographer doesn’t have relevant ones.


Go Colorful

Colors intrigue babies. You can take advantage of their curiosity and create a colorful themed photoshoot. Opt for funky colorful backdrops and multi-color blankets. This theme also gives you space to be in the photoshoot, and you can pretend to play with your baby and let the photographer capture your small family in full swing.


Cute Headgear

Parents don’t realize this but experimenting with different furry hats guarantees you a studio-like picture. Don’t hesitate to experiment with cute hats and headbands. You can also use colorful cartoon-themed head accessories to create a more exciting and photo-worthy look.

 An infant sleeping on a blanket

If you’re looking for newborn baby photographers in Dallas, consider us at Lily Hayes Photography. Lily is a top-notch baby photographer and has extensive experience in the field.

To book a newborn photo session, reach out to us.


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