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Baby Blues: Questions to Ask Before Booking a Newborn Photographer [Part 2]

Welcome back! This is a continuation of our previous blog “Baby Blues: Questions to Ask Before Booking a Newborn Photographer.”

So, what should you look for in a newborn photographer? What should you ask them? We’ve guided you through half of the process. There are still a few questions left that you should jot down and ask when you meet with your photographer.

With that mind, let’s take a look at the other questions you should:

Question # 4: What’s the Perfect Age for the Baby to Be Photographed?

Yes, this question sounds silly. After all, we’re talking about newborn babies, aren’t we? But believe it or not, some photographers do have requirements when it comes to the shoot.

Some believe the best time for the shoot is after a couple of weeks. Some believe the first day is the best time and others believe that the shoot should take place a few days after the baby is born.

Make sure you’re on the same page so you don’t end up expecting your newborn photographer to come in on the day of the delivery, only to find out that they won’t be able to make it.

Question # 5: Where Will the Shoot Take Place?

This is another question you need to ask. Will the photographer come to your house or will you have to go to their studio? Make sure you’re on the same page as them on this.

Plenty of photographers offer you a choice. Some photographers will specifically ask you to come to their studio. So make sure you discuss this beforehand before laying down a contract and hiring their services.

Question # 6: What Will They Do to Make Your Baby Comfortable?

Remember that you should never compromise on your child’s safety for a few good photos of them! This should be one of your requirements. Make sure your child is safe and comfortable during the photoshoot.

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If they’re not, ask if you can postpone the shoot a couple of days later. But more than that, the newborn photographer should be able to create an environment where your child feels safe and comfortable.

Looking for a Newborn Photographer?

Now you know what type of questions you should ask, let’s just go with one more rule: never settle for anyone who’s not a pro!

If you’re looking for a newborn photographer based in Dallas, take a look at Lily Hayes’ gallery!

Baby Blues: Questions to Ask Before Booking a Newborn Photographer [Part 1]

The most precious jewels you’ll ever wear around your neck are the arms of your children.” — Anonymous

Nothing can compare to motherhood. You’re your child’s first love, their superhero, their best friend, and their world. You are the first person they run to when they need shelter. They know you’ll love them when they’re most vulnerable. A mother’s love for her child can never falter.

So, when you’re ready to welcome your bundle of joy into the world, you want to capture that special moment and cherish it forever.

And that’s where newborn photography comes in.

A newborn photographer can help you immortalize the special moments you’ll share with your bundle of joy.

But hiring a newborn photographer isn’t easy. Make sure to ask them these questions before giving them the go-ahead:

Question # 1: How Much Experience Do You Have?

Someone with a year’s worth of experience isn’t going to do a bad job but they won’t be great either. You want someone who has at least 5 years of experience in the industry.

Photography is tricky. It takes time and practice to master the art. It’s not just about the type of camera they’ll use or the equipment they have.

Someone with even the best equipment won’t be able to provide you with results if they don’t have the experience.

Question # 2: Can They Provide You With Samples?

This is extremely important! Don’t hire someone just because a trusted loved one recommended them. Your requirements may differ from theirs and you have expectations that need to be met.

Ask them to provide you with samples. Go through their portfolio before you decide to hire them. But also make sure not to stick to one photographer. Take your time to decide and go through everyone’s portfolio and samples before you choose one.

Question # 3: Do They Have an Assistant?

Do they manage everything by themselves or do they have someone who helps them out? It’s not necessary for photographers to have an assistant but asking will help you understand their work process.

If they don’t have an assistant, who will help during the photoshoot? Make sure to ask so you know what to expect.

Hiring a newborn photographer isn’t a walk in the park. There are plenty of more questions that you should ask before deciding. To learn more, make sure to read Part 2 of this blog!

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Pregnancy is a beautiful time, not only for the mother but for the father as well. From watching your baby bump grow to feeling the baby’s movements as they stretch and kick, every moment is precious.



Can’t tell you how much I absolutely adore this cute little family! I’ve already had the pleasure of doing over a handful of sessions for them and it all began when Jensen was still a bun in the oven! Really looking forward to what the next few years has in store for them! ♥

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