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A Guide To Newborn Photography: Preparations And Poses

Through the emotional upheaval and exhaustion that comes with being a new parent, memories of this time-period start becoming fuzzy for us too. That’s why it’s so crucial to capture the innocence and essence of your newborn while you can still position their tiny hands and feet perfectly.


Top 3 Tips For A Newborn Photography Session

Snoozing eyelashes, pudgy cheeks, teeny tiny hands and a head that smells like love—don’t you wish you could freeze every moment you spent with your newborn and cherish them forever?

In the blink of an eye, you’ll be chasing your little ones around the house and getting them ready for preschool; this is exactly why capturing every precious moment of your newborn is important.

Newborns aren’t easy to photograph; they get fussy in the presence of a lot of people, they need feeding breaks and fresh diapers, and not to mention, they can’t hold their heads up—all these challenges can make photographing newborns a hassle!

But don’t worry, we have just the tips to make newborn photography a breeze for you.

1. Create a baby-friendly environment

Newborn photographs are best when shot within the first 2 weeks of the birth, but remember, everything is new and unusual for your little one—your baby might wake up when the photographer is setting up the camera, changing the lights or adjusting props. So add white noise to the environment before the shoot—it’ll help your baby drift off to sleep more easily.

Most parents prefer their babies to be in swaddles, diaper covers or their birthday suits for the pictures, because clothes can end up looking bulky and cover up the newness. However, a naked baby is likely to get cold and start crying with discomfort. If possible, bring a space heater in the area to warm the place up before shooting with a newborn; comfortable temperature makes for an unfussy baby.

2. A sleeping baby is a peaceful baby

There’s a reason why newborn photos seem so calm: the babies are always sleeping; this also makes it easy for the photographer to place their hands and feet into adorable poses.

However, this doesn’t mean alert babies can’t be photographed—just expect them to wiggle out of their perfectly placed positions a lot.

3. Try baby-friendly props—like beanbags

So how do you pose your little ones if they can’t hold their heads up? A beanbag can easily contour your baby’s body into cute poses. Plus, you can disguise it with backdrops and blankets for a pop of color in the pictures!

If you’re looking for a newborn photographer in the Dallas area, you’ve come to the right place! I have over 6 years of experience in the business and make it my mission to capture your little one’s beautiful moments to perfection—complete with quality newborn props like creative backdrops, outfits, headbands and wraps to name a few!

I also offer family and wedding photography services, in addition to newborn photo shoots.  Call me today at 972-832-259 for more information.

Cherish Your Memories! Why You Should Take Your Newborn for a Photoshoot

The most precious jewels you’ll ever wear around your neck are the arms of your children.” – Anonymous

Parenthood isn’t something that can be expressed in mere words. The moment your bundle of joy enters the world, they don’t just light up your life; they become everything to you.

arenthood isn’t something that can be expressed in mere words. The moment your bundle of joy enters the world, they don’t just light up your life; they become everything to you.

The immense joy you feel when holding them in your arms for the first time is a feeling like no other. Joy, happiness, ebullience, merriment—they’re all rolled into one.

You wish you could freeze every moment you spend with them and cherish them forever.

And that’s why you should take your little one for a newborn photography session. Need more reasons? Read on:

Special Moments to Remember

Imagine opening a photo album 15 years later and showing your little one their childhood pictures, each and every moment meticulously recorded.

From when they were a week old to the moment they took their first step, they’ll want to know everything about themselves.

Creating a photo album of these beautiful moments is also the best way to remember the first few weeks of becoming a parent.

A Professional Knows What to Do

It might be tempting to hand the camera over to a loved one. But a professional photographer knows how to work with different angles and lighting to get the best shots of your little one.

Furthermore, they have state-of-the-art equipment that produces high-quality results. When you hand the camera to an amateur, you risk blurry and badly composed images.

Moreover, kids can be tricky to work with. Babies need to be given the utmost attention and care. Hiring a newborn photographer can make things easier because they know how to work with all kinds of babies.

Moreover, they’ll know how to make your child comfortable and which poses work best for them.


A Professional Has a Studio

Sure, you can have the photoshoot at home, but going to a studio is a better option. In the studio, the photographer has all kinds of tools and equipment to make the photoshoot less stressful. They have proper lighting and can even provide you with the right props!

You can get creative with the photoshoot as well. They can provide you with different backgrounds and themes to make your album fun and unique.

Lily Hayes offers exceptional newborn photography services in Dallas. If you’re looking for a newborn photographer, get in touch with her today by calling 972-832-2595.

Baby Blues: Questions to Ask Before Booking a Newborn Photographer [Part 2]

Welcome back! This is a continuation of our previous blog “Baby Blues: Questions to Ask Before Booking a Newborn Photographer.”

So, what should you look for in a newborn photographer? What should you ask them? We’ve guided you through half of the process. There are still a few questions left that you should jot down and ask when you meet with your photographer.

With that mind, let’s take a look at the other questions you should:

Question # 4: What’s the Perfect Age for the Baby to Be Photographed?

Yes, this question sounds silly. After all, we’re talking about newborn babies, aren’t we? But believe it or not, some photographers do have requirements when it comes to the shoot.

Some believe the best time for the shoot is after a couple of weeks. Some believe the first day is the best time and others believe that the shoot should take place a few days after the baby is born.

Make sure you’re on the same page so you don’t end up expecting your newborn photographer to come in on the day of the delivery, only to find out that they won’t be able to make it.

Question # 5: Where Will the Shoot Take Place?

This is another question you need to ask. Will the photographer come to your house or will you have to go to their studio? Make sure you’re on the same page as them on this.

Plenty of photographers offer you a choice. Some photographers will specifically ask you to come to their studio. So make sure you discuss this beforehand before laying down a contract and hiring their services.

Question # 6: What Will They Do to Make Your Baby Comfortable?

Remember that you should never compromise on your child’s safety for a few good photos of them! This should be one of your requirements. Make sure your child is safe and comfortable during the photoshoot.

children photography dallas

If they’re not, ask if you can postpone the shoot a couple of days later. But more than that, the newborn photographer should be able to create an environment where your child feels safe and comfortable.

Looking for a Newborn Photographer?

Now you know what type of questions you should ask, let’s just go with one more rule: never settle for anyone who’s not a pro!

If you’re looking for a newborn photographer based in Dallas, take a look at Lily Hayes’ gallery!


Documenting my own children's lives and they're organic way of being day after day, did I truly understand how PRICELESS photographs were. How much I wanted to spend every waking moment documenting their everyday life, before it too, became a faded memory. Soon after that it became an obsession to capture your very own life, and the life you love! :)


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