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Celebrate Your Baby’s First Halloween With A Photoshoot!

Baby photography is always a treat to be part of. Often, parents love trying new things with their little ones and having professional pictures taken to keep these moments alive.

Celebrate your baby’s first Halloween with a themed photoshoot. Here are some Halloween-inspired photoshoot ideas that will turn out utterly adorable:

That’s so corny!

Candy corn is one of the most popular candies for this time of year, according to Forbes. While some love it, others do detest it. Nonetheless, it has become quite the symbol for Halloween. Use candy corn to prepare a Halloween themed set for your baby’s photoshoot. In a big bowl or bucket, fill in as much candy corn as possible. Place blankets in the bucket to keep your baby comfortable. Let them play with the candy corn and place a candy corn knitted beanie for them too.

One with the pumpkins


Pumpkins are another fall and Halloween favorite. Pumpkin carving holds much meaning during this time of the year. Use the plentiful pumpkins to create the perfect setting for your baby’s Halloween themed birthday.

There are so many things you can do with pumpkins for this photoshoot. You can carve them out with scary faces for a spooky effect or even just have many pumpkins stacked up with your baby lying on a blanket over them. Some parents even have their babies sitting inside pumpkins.

Witchy baby

Little babies as scary characters are the best things you will see on the internet. Dress your baby up as a little witch in black clothing and a pointy hat. You can have your baby lying down in a comfortable position and prepare the background to make it look magical. Deep blue fabric for the sky, a cloth broom and a moon made of fabric too.

The purr-fect baby

How about dressing up your baby as a cute kitten? You an easily get cat ears for a baby and a long tail to match. Provide as much support as required to get your baby to sit upright and look purr-fect!

In the cauldron

Other than placing your baby in a pumpkin, a big cauldron is great for a Halloween photoshoot too. Get a big enough imitation cauldron that your baby can fit in. Make sure you make it comfortable for them to sit in with blankets and cushions. Get your baby to lean over the side for the most adorable picture ever!

If you’re looking for an experienced and licensed photographer for a newborn Halloween themed photoshoot, get in touch with me. I’ve been working in this industry for many years and have worked with many parents, helping them get perfect shots of their little ones. I also specialize in wedding photography and engagement photography in Dallas. Call 972.832.2595 for bookings.  

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