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Creating a Stunning Maternity Photo Shoot

Pregnancy is a beautiful time, not only for the mother but for the father as well. From watching your baby bump grow to feeling the baby’s movements as they stretch and kick, every moment is precious.

If you thought you’re alone in wanting to capture this lovely experience, you’ll be surprised to find how over-the-top some celebrity maternity photo shoots have been. From beach-themed shot to underwater swimming pool shots, it’s been nothing short of grand and beautiful.

If you’re looking to get inspired, here are a few ideas for your breathtaking maternity photo shoot.

Growing Family

Invite your kids to the maternity shoot and take a couple of shots with them. Get them excited about being elder siblings by including them in your pregnancy experience.

Sometimes, kids are unenthusiastic about the arrival of the new baby. They can get clingy and act out. By including them in your maternity photo shoot, you pique their curiosity and they’ll get used to the idea of adjusting to a new sibling.

Include Your Favorite Family Member

Now that your family is growing, you can’t forget your furry little friends who’ve been part of your family for a long time.

Get your pets involved in the shoot and take cute pictures with them guarding the pregnant belly.

If you want, hang a signboard from their necks with a cute message that says “Official Nap Buddy” or “I Came First”.

A Couple Of Belly Close-Ups Are A Must

The main attraction of the shoot needs to be given the special attention it needs. Take shots of your baby bump from all angles. Take a full-length body shot, have a shot from upward, a side shot, and don’t forget the classic hands-on-belly.

A Couple Of Belly Close-Ups Are A Must - Maternity photography Dallas

Ask your photographer to photograph you alone. Get lost in the moment with your unborn child and have the photographer capture amazing candid shots!

Hold Up A Sonogram Picture

Want to do something different and cute? Hold up a picture of your latest sonogram and pose with your partner. It’s a creative way to include your unborn child in the photos, hold up the photo from each end and make a moment out of it!

Let Nature Paint A Picture

Choose a picturesque location in the woodlands, near a lakeside or in a botanical garden. There’ll be plenty of green trees and colorful flowers to act as stunning backdrops for your photos.

picturesque location in the woodlands - Mother to be photoshoot

Cute Props

There’s nothing cuter than tiny baby clothes and shoes (besides the baby itself, of course!). If you’re late into your second or third trimester, you’ll have a few baby accessories and clothes handy!

Bring them to the maternity photo shoot to act as cute props. Hold up a pair of newborn shoes as you and your partner exchange excited smiles. You could also bring cute teddy bears and stuffed toys to pose with your pregnant belly!

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