Erika Had a Cake Smash Session for Nina and It Was Magical!

Cake Smash SessionI remember when I first became a mother. The feeling was incomparable. There’s not a single word in the dictionary that can describe the feeling of becoming a mother. And that was my inspiration for becoming a photographer.

My son, Daniel, was my muse and the reason I got into photography.

Capturing his everyday shenanigans on camera brought me immense joy. And to this day, looking back at the beautiful moments captured on lens, helps me relive those moments!

Throughout the years, I’ve helped countless mothers relive those moment. Nothing brings me more joy knowing that I was able to capture emotions.

With that in mind, I recently attended the birthday party of an adorable baby girl, Nina.

Her mother, Erika, is a beautiful and remarkable soul.memorable picture Dallas

She reminded me of myself back when my son turned one. I wanted his birthday to be perfect, and therefore did whatever I could to make sure the arrangements were perfect!

Erika asked me to photograph her daughter’s birthday party. Not only was it a blast, I was able to capture the adorable moments the mommy and baby shared! At one point, Nina’s baby cousin decided to grab a little bit of cake and dab it on her nose (Aww!)

We held separate photography sessions for members of the family, as well as friends. And everyone got to take a memorable picture with little Nina.

After the party was over, the real event began: The cake smash session!

Basically, we ordered a separate cake for Nina for the after party, that is, a photo session for her to wear her creative hat. The session took place at my home studio. We ordered a butter cream cake, something that was light and easy to wipe off. We then gave the cake to Nina and let her be herself.

Most babies don’t like the texture of cakes and start crying. But Nina loved every moment of it! She grabbed the cake, smeared it all over her face, dress, and got it all over her hands too! She was delightful to photograph and every picture taken is proof of how much fun she had!

A beautiful and amazing baby, just like her mommy, Nina was a joy to work with!The cake smash Photography session

As a professional family, newborn and maternity photographer, I can’t stress upon the importance of capturing these beautiful moments with your child.  Not only will these photo sessions help you bond with your baby, you will be able to look back at them in 20 years, and relive the moment!

As a one of the professional photographers in Dallas, I’ve captured a number of cake smash sessions—each one more beautiful and amazing than the last! If you’re looking to hire a photographer for baby’s cake smash session, feel free to contact me!