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What to Expect During a Newborn Photoshoot: Advice From One Mom to Another

With their big bright eyes gazing up at the world in wonder and their teeny tiny fists waving about in the air, babies truly are spectacular creatures. The newborn stage is something that’ll pass by in the blink of an eye.


To immortalize the memories and the adorable-ness, a professional newborn photoshoot is a must.

As a mother myself, I’d like to help out all the moms-to-be, new mothers and those that would like to refresh their memory, with what to expect at a typical newborn photoshoot.

Unless you opt for a mini newborn session package, a typical newborn session should last around 3 hours. What’s most important in a shoot like this is the comfortability of the baby. Prepping them and positioning them for a scene takes skill and time so make sure you pick a photographer that has experience in this area.

Once You Arrive

When you reach the designated area for the photoshoot, your photographer and their team will handle the baby from start to finish. If your help is required, the photographer will inform you. Other than that, you can expect to have a comfortable chair you to sit at and watch the whole session.

Use Heating Pads

Though your baby will be dressed in what the photographer has picked out to match the set and props, for most of the session your newborn is likely to be naked. It’s best to use heating pads and space heaters to make sure they are nice and warm during the shoot.

Your Newborn Will Have A Few (read: A lot) ‘Accidents’

We’re dealing with babies after all, so it’s expected. There’s no reason for mothers to feel embarrassed and swoop down on the scene. The photographer is trained to handle exactly those kinds of situations and will calmly ask you to bring in the baby wipes and diapers.


Props and Sets

In studio photoshoots, your photographer is definitely going to use at least 3-5 different set-ups, backgrounds and props to really make the most of the shoot.

Turn Around On Your Images

A typical time for your pictures to be ready is a few weeks after the session. At my studio, you can expect the turn around to be at the 2-week mark. Once your files are post processed, they’ll be added to your private online gallery which you can download. Once downloaded, you can access the PDF form for your print release.

Immortalizing Those Memories With a Pro Photographer

To have no regrets later on, why not invest in a professional newborn photographer who’ll make sure your baby shines as bright as the sun in their first ever pro photoshoot!

As a photographer with seven+ years of experience with babies, mothers and families, I have the expertise needed to capture your little munchkin’s most valued moments perfectly. I recommend booking a session with me before birth and no later than 14 days after. My portfolio includes engagement photography, wedding photography and family portraits.

You can contact me for your newborn photography in Dallas, Texas.

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