Maternity Faq’s

1) When Is The Best Time to Schedule My Maternity Session & Will You Help Me Find a Location?

Best to time to schedule your session would be between 28-35 weeks. However, I do realize some women tend to show alot early, while others later in the pregnancy. When you feel you have a noticeably round belly is when I’d recommend booking.


For outdoor locations, once booking has been confirmed, you’ll be emailed a list of locations in Dallas, and it’s immediate surrounding cities..Richardson/Plano/Rockwall..etc. You don’t need to immediately have to select your location upon booking. Once the session confirm text is sent 24-48 hours prior to your scheduled date, you can let me know then which location you’ve chosen.



2) What Time Of Day Do You Schedule Maternity Sessions & Do You Offer Weekends Appointments?
Because I also specialize in weddings full time, portrait sessions are not scheduled on weekends. They must be booked during the week and the start time is anywhere between 6:30-7pm for the spring/summer months and 3:30-4pm for the fall/winter months. If we run into into bad weather the day of, your session will be rescheduled to the soonest next available date. Also, outdoor maternity sessions are always scheduled 1.5-2 hours before sundown. Lighting, is always more aesthetically pleasing with the soft afternoon golden glow. I do get asked alot about the heat/humidity during the summer months and I reassure you, it’s never an issue. I’m always conscious of making sure your gown, hair and pose is picture perfect and with that, if any sweat is visible, I always have clients dab it off. It’s actually quite the opposite during the hotter months; a little sweat always gives clients a beautiful shimmery glow in post processing. ♥


Indoor studio maternity sessions, can be scheduled any time of day but for the most part, clients schedule it around noon.



3)  Will You Help & Guide Me To Make Me Feel & Look My Best? 

Yes, I most certainly will! ♥ Let’s be honest, most don’t have the opportunity to get professionally photographed on a regular basis so it’s completely normal for clients to feel uneasy about the whole process. I don’t want you to worry. I come with enough experience to already envision the whole session before we even begin; posing, lighting, angles..etc.


After booking has been confirmed, you’ll also receive a maternity session prep guide that’ll discusses in detail, every aspect of the maternity session and how you can prepare with regard to hair, makeup, skin prep, shoes, props, use of gowns..etc.



4) Do You Offer Maternity Gowns & How Many Outfit Changes Am I Allowed? 

Yes, I do! I have a wide selection of custom maternity gowns, clients are welcome to use free of charge. The outdoor gowns are made of very stretchy, long and forgiving fabric, so they can fit anywhere from a size 2-14. I also offer a gown trade-in program if case you’d like to trade in your own gown.  Indoor maternity gowns, fit a size 2, up to a  size 14/16.


The collection for the indoor maternity session, give you the option of 3/4 gowns/looks. Outdoor maternity sessions is limited to, two outfit changes, only.


If you’re interested in wearing a studio maternity gown for your outdoor session, in person fitting and consultations aren’t scheduled until booking has been confirmed with both the contract and retainer, being received. Once booking has been confirmed, we’ll schedule a time for you to stop by. Maternity consultations usually last about 15-20 minutes and again my studio location is 4014 Dalton Dr Rowlett 75089.


On another note; the link below will showcase some of the indoor couture maternity gowns available for use! ♥


Indoor Maternity Gowns



6) Do You Provide Props For Maternity Sessions? 

I do not provide props for outdoor maternity sessions. Props are only used for in studio newborn sessions. However, I’d recommend bringing a sonogram and (or) baby shoes to incorporate into your session. Again, the maternity session prep guide will discuss in detail what props you can bring to your session.



7) Choosing Between In-Studio Maternity Sessions or Outdoor?

I’ve always believed that the pregnant woman is beautiful no matter where she is so, whatever backdrop you decide on you can’t go wrong! ♥


In-studio maternity portraits or on-location can both be amazing, different – yet equally amazing. Nothing will compare to the effects natural lighting has on outdoor portraits especially during golden hour, which is about 1.5 – 2 hours before sundown. It’s creates such soft, romantic, golden diffused lighting which is perfect if your wanting a more traditionalistic approach to your maternity photos.


Aesthetically, studio photos gives more of a high-end and lavish feel to your imagery than outdoor photos because of the controlled atmosphere, which is great for clients that are more comfortable indoors, than they are in the great outdoors. You’ll have more privacy making it great for shooting tasteful semi-nudes, nudes and not having to worry about prying eyes. Indoor portraits are also more flexible in scheduling because they can be scheduled at any time of the day and are great for high risk pregnancies because of the limiting of walking and also, for clients that have significant others that prefer to be limited on the photo aspect of this beautiful journey. These sessions solely focuses more on the task at hand, in such a way that artistically and yet tastefully, enhances the miraculous gift of growing a baby- yay-you! ♥


Either-way, it really comes down to your personal preference.  Some women know automatically how they want to be portrayed in their maternity portraits but, if you’re on the fence about deciding, I’d be happy to schedule an over then phone consultation. I will take into consideration the style, vibe, and wardrobe choice you want for your session. After that, we will determine whether outdoor or studio for maternity photos is best!



8) Who Chooses The Final Image Count?
Within a week or two of your session, I will send you a gallery link for soft proofing. Meaning, once your images have been narrow down to the deliverable files, I’ll email you the gallery link of unedited files and from there, you get to pick and choose the ones images you would like edited/delivered.



9) What Is The Turnaround On The Files?
Turnaround on your digital files is 21 days from your scheduled session date. Once the said photos have been post processed, files will be added to your online viewing gallery. I will text you once the gallery has been emailed. From the gallery, you’ll be able to download your high resolution non-watermarked images to your computers. You will also receive a PDF of your print release/usage rights. You’re more than welcome to share the gallery with family and friends. Online gallery also has the option to also purchase prints directly from the printing lab. Prints start at $15.00 and orders are shipped directly to the lab and arrive within 2 weeks of order date.



10) Can I Incorporate My Husband and (or) My Other Children Into My Maternity Session?

Yes of course! ♥ However, the indoor maternity sessions, solely focuses on the task at hand; expectant moms. Since the digital count for indoor sessions is a lot less than outdoor, your significant other will only be in 2-3 photos. If you would like them to be more involved in the posing aspect, I would recommend the outdoor maternity session where you can maximize every single pose with different looks/angles/scenery..etc.



11) Can I Bring My Pet To The Maternity Session?

As much as I love the sweet idea of having your fur baby involved, pets are not allowed to be apart of any studio session. If you’re wanting your pet involved, I would recommend the outdoor maternity session where I’d be happy to capture a few images with them! 🙂 However, I would recommend bringing someone along to help keep an eye on them, for the images where they’re not included.




12) Is Hair & Makeup Included In The Pricing? Do You Have Any Hair & Makeup Artist Recommendations?

Collection pricing does not include professional hair and makeup. Clients are responsible for booking their own said appointment. I included links below too, two vendors, I’d highly recommend. However, I am in no way, personally affiliated with these artist. If you decide to use them, you do so at your own risk and appointment must be set up with them directly. They do not come to the studio.


ROSB Beauty (Mobile)

Hair & Makeup By Ann (Plano, TX)



13) Do You Offer Belly to Baby Combo Collection?

I do! ♥ When booking both your maternity and mini newborn session, I’ll include the family/sibling photos free of charge, which will add an additional 4-6 more digital files to the mini newborn session collection. If you book the full newborn session you will received a $75 discount. Lifestyle session, only a $50 discount is applied. Discounts are not giving to the maternity collection for booking both, only the newborn.



1) How Do I Book My Session With You?
Just an thorough insight, all sessions are fully inclusive, meaning you select the collection that include the said number of files and you pay the price. The collection price includes time, talent, session design, editing of your images, as well as the rendering of your high resolution digital gallery which again, will be available for digital download. The photos are yours to share, print, treasure and adore for years to come! ♥


Once you’re ready to make it official, I will put together your contract and emailed it along with your PayPal invoice link for the non-refundable retainer fee of $35. Retainer is applied to the total amount due and the remaining balance can be paid the day before your scheduled session. All collections are subjected to a 8.25% Texas State Sales Tax and payments can be made via PayPal or Zelle Quick Pay.



2) Why Do You Only Deliver the Said Amount of Digitals & Not More, For The Listed Amount Of  Time? Can I Purchase More Files?
The said number of files is always the median range of every session. I don’t take more to purposely up-sell you. If anything, depending how well the session is going, I might take a few more and include them at no extra charge.


However, with indoor maternity sessions and the amount of post production they require, additional files are priced at $45, per file.



3) Who Has The Rights To The Images?
Lily Hayes Photography, retains the copyright to all the images, per USC Title 17 (US Copyright Law). So just a little insight as to what that means, as the photographer, I retain the right to show off your gorgeous images to my other potential clients so that can see my beautiful work. You have solely, purchased reproduction rights, not the actual design. With your full print release (usage rights), you have the right to print and share the images being provided to you by, Lily Hayes Photography.



4) Are You Insured?
Yes, I am with both professional and liability insurance! ♥



5) Do I Have Permission To Print The Photos? Can I Use Them On My Social Media Platforms? 
Yes, you do! All sessions include full print release/usage rights. However, I do ask that you please do NOT print your images from a low quality printer like Wal-Mart, Target, CVS, Shutterfly, etc. The quality of your images will not reflect how beautiful they really are! ♥



6) Will I Receive “HIGH” Resolution Photos?

A lot of photographers say they will give you the digital files, but that can be deceiving as some photographers only give a 8×10 resolution. So if you ever want to print an 11×14 print, you have to spend hundreds of dollars with the photographer for the rest of your life. That way prints and frames can ONLY be ordered by that photographer and nowhere else.


All of my collections include the high resolution edited files which can be printed up to a 30×40 or higher.



7) Do You Watermark Your Photos?

No, I do not. I don’t feel it’s necessary even though it’s an endless amount of free marketing…lol. I’ve been very blessed to have worked with so many amazing clients and for the most part, word of mouth referrals accounts for a big chunk of my clientele.



8) Can I Have The Unedited Files?
Raw images are not usable images – at least to a client. Raw images need to be processed in order to create a final image. Part of my job is to process your images, perfect them and create a finished product. Asking your photographer for the RAW files, is like asking a cake vendor for an extra bag of flour, on the side. It’s only a partial ingredient in the overall product and means nothing on it’s own.

the petreikisabsolutely adore her personally & love her incredible work more every time we get photos done.
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The Jones FamilyI have been using Lily Hayes Photography since 2018. She is truly the best! She photographed both of my children when they were newborns. Since then she has done all of our family pictures. She is so patient, kind and knowledgeable. She gets the perfect shot everytime. Even if it seems like we just can’t get it because the kids are getting restless, she will try several different things until she gets that perfect shot. Lily goes above and beyond to make our family photos perfect! I highly recommend Lily to capture those special moments for your family. You won’t be disappointed.
The Wang FamilyLet me first start by saying…WOW! My wife and I booked Lily for both our maternity and newborn photos. They are some of the best photos we’ve ever had taken of our family! Lily is easy to work with, flexible with scheduling, and most importantly a fantastic photographer. She takes your input into consideration when creating portraits/composites and specifically tailors the photo sessions to your liking. We would highly recommend booking her for your next photo session! :)
The Malchi FamilyI HAVE FOUND MY FOREVER PHOTOGRAPHER!! I have nothing but amazing things to say about my experience with Lily!! She is the most professional, knowledgeable, helpful, caring, kind, and amazing at what she does! My husband and I had our newborn pictures done with her and just had a phenomenal experience and the pictures are just breath taking. Thank you so much Lily for capturing the moments that will last forever!! Look forward to many more!!
The Hornisher FamilyLily has been our family photographer for over 4 years. She produces high quality images, is professional and really cares about her clients requests. Lily has been the photographer for my bridal portraits, wedding, family photos, maternity pictures (x2) and newborn photos (x2) and each experience has been wonderful and provided pictures that we will cherish for a lifetime. Wholeheartedly recommend Lily for whatever photography session you are needing.
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