Getting the Best Out of Your Newborn’s Photography Session

When a new child comes into your life, it’s only expected to want to make the most of it and cherish every moment.

Newborn photography is certainly a great way to capture the initial days of your new child’s life, and can give you some wonderful photos to look back on, once they’re older.

The Right Time

For a newborn photo-shoot, it’s imperative to schedule the session within the right timeframe. Ideally, the first fourteen days are the best time, since the newborn is much easier to work with. They tend to sleep more and can be easily molded into poses without disturbing them.

Comfort Matters

For a successful photo session, your newborn needs to be comfortable and calm. A crying, fussy baby is not the best way to get the beautiful shots you need. You can do that by keeping the baby fed and warm, and perhaps incorporate some white noise into their environment as it promotes sound sleep in newborns.

Wardrobe and Props

With a newborn photo-shoot, you can get the best pictures by getting creative! Both parent and photographer can work together to come up with the best wardrobe, props, and accessories for the shoot, and turn the shots into works of art. A little bit of flair and personality in the photos can go a long way!

Be Patient

In a newborn photography session, you’re going to be following the baby’s schedule, not your own, so patience is a must. A significant portion of the session may involve merely settling and soothing the baby; getting the perfect shot is all about how calm and relaxed the little one is.

Safety First!

Of course, the top priority is to ensure your baby is safe at all times. Having a gentle hand and dealing with them delicately is the way to go about it, and it’s generally a good idea to stray away from any adventurous poses.

It’s essential that the photographer in question have the expertise needed to handle infants in a careful manner.

I’m a family photographer based in Dallas, while also specializing in maternity and baby photography Dallas.

At Lily Hayes Photography, newborns have always been one of my favorite subjects to photograph! I love to get creative with the shoots, and have prior safety and posing workshop experience to put parents’ minds at ease.

Take a look at my newborn baby photography gallery. If you like the results, book a session with me!