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Getting Your Man Involved in Your Maternity Photo Shoot

Men can get nervous in front of a camera, especially when the pressure is on to make sure the photos come out looking great. If you’re considering planning a maternity photoshoot to capture your pregnancy glow, and your significant other doesn’t seem all that excited, don’t worry. He probably has the jitters about having to pose in front of the camera. Here are some simple ways to get him more involved.


Inspire Him

Women love to curate their Pinterest and Instagram to optimize their life goal inspiration material, but men may not necessarily follow the same pattern. Your husband could be feeling clueless about what a maternity photoshoot can look like.

Send him examples of maternity portraits that you like so that he can start acquiring some sense of the aesthetic you’re going for. Looking at other men with their pregnant partners can also help them feel like they’re not the only one who’s done this. He’ll hopefully gain some confidence about being in a professional photography session.

Ask For His Ideas

Try not to plan alone. You may feel like if he isn’t comfortable with the shoot, it’s better if you do all the work beforehand without him. However, excluding him can have the opposite effect. When looking through possible photographers’ portfolios, do it with him so that he can discuss the options with you. If you’re doing your homework about possible themes or ideas for the session, do it when you’re together.

Make sure he comes with you when you meet the photographer. It will give him a chance to develop a relationship with who you’re hiring before the shoot itself.  This way, he won’t be awkward on the day of the photoshoot.

If You’re Happy, He’s Happy

He might be acting jittery about the photo shoot because you’re acting nervous about it. Men can behave unusually when their partner is pregnant, and that can make them seem tense. Try and relax if that’s the case. Be confident and happy about what you want; he’ll likely follow suit.

The best way to feel relaxed about a project like a maternity photoshoot is to hire a good photographer who knows how to direct their clients while making them comfortable. This way, you both can relax and leave it to the professional.

If you’re on the lookout for a family photographer in or near Dallas, TX who can put you and your spouse at ease, reach out to me here. I’m a self-made photographer with a family of my own; so I make sure all my clients are happy with my work. I’m also experienced in wedding and engagement photography.

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