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Embrace Your Inner Goddess with a Maternity Photo Shoot

Pregnancy is a powerful time in your life; not only are you about to give birth to a new life, you yourself are about to be (re)born – as a mother.

While it may be an overwhelming journey, it is nonetheless an empowering one.

Maternity Photo Shoot

Along with your body, your soul is also being stretched to accommodate the little one growing inside you. It’s the time in your life when you’re nothing short of divine. And there’s no better way to embrace your inner goddess than by having a maternity photo shoot done!

Capture all those raw and powerful emotions on camera and cherish them for times to come. Moments may fade away but you have the power to preserve them. A professional photographer will capture you in all your exquisiteness.

Here are a few ways you can look your absolute best while doing a maternity photo shoot.

The Right Time

The Right Time for maternity photoshoot

As your belly progresses to grow rounder in shape throughout your pregnancy, there comes a time when it’s at the perfect size to be photographed.

You want to wait until it’s big and nicely round, but you don’t want to wait until it’s too big and difficult to pose with. It is suggested that you get your photo shoot right around the 30-35th week of your pregnancy. That’s when your belly is round enough without being too heavy.

Wear the Clothes You Love

Embrace your inner goddess during your pregnancy by looking like one! You’ll already be glowing from the inside; the right clothes will be the cherry on top. Some women like to flaunt their beautiful bellies by wearing outfits that snugly hug all their curves. Tight, stretchy clothes will certainly accentuate your growing belly.

A lot of women also prefer light, flowing dresses instead. Sheer clothing is a good idea in that case. It will let the light through and beautifully show off your body contours in a stunning silhouette portrait. And if you’re feeling a bit daring, you can always go au naturel!

Pose like a Goddess

Hands on the belly, lying on your back, or sitting down – pose in a position that comes naturally to you and makes you look great too!

Pose like a Goddess

You can touch your bump gently to bring attention to it. You can also keep it natural by looking away from the camera with a smile lighting up your face. Your maternity photographer will guide you to on what angles you can work with.

The Right Photographer

When it comes to a maternity photography session, you want to go with someone who you feel comfortable with; and someone who can help you embrace yourself in all your glory.

At Lily Hayes Photography, we’ve been helping expecting moms rock their maternity photo session for years now.

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