Newborn FAQ’s

1) Where Are You Located?
Studio sessions take place in my home studio, located at 4014 Dalton Dr. Rowlett, TX. The studio is a custom design private space away from the rest of my home which holds everything needed for your custom photography experience. You’re not required to bring anything, unless you have something you would like to incorporate. The studio is stocked with an abundant amount of newborn props, newborn outfits, headbands, bowls/ beds, basket, hats..etc and use of these items, is all included in your session.


You can also click on this link to get a look into the studio.



2) What’s The Time Frame To Get “Newborn” Photos Done?

When scheduling the session, the earlier the better. Babies younger than 14-16 days tend to not wake up as frequently and as easily, when getting them transitioned into a pose. A mere 48 hours in a newborn’s life is very crucial when preparing them for their session. I have witness many, many times after the 14-16 day mark, babies have discovered the art of stretching! Once that happens…they won’t let us curl them up in the cute little newborn poses, without a fight! 🙂


***Exceptions are of course made for NICU babies ***



3) How Do I Book My Newborn Session Without Knowing When My Baby Will Arrive?
Because I only take in a limited number of studio sessions each month and my weekly calendar stays consistently busy between indoor maternity/cake smash and also being a high volume shooter, I highly recommended booking your session in advance. Booking in advance will secure your session within the first two weeks, from birth. If you don’t pre-book and contact me after you baby has delivered, it’s very likely I will not scheduled a session date within the recommended, two week time frame. Pre-booked clients will always have higher priority on my schedule.


In order to schedule a definite date and time of your baby’s newborn session, I HIGHLY recommend you contact me once you have been admitted. Only then, will I keep a few days open within the next week or two to make room for your upcoming newborn session. Once you and your baby have been successfully discharged, please contact me again and from there a definite date and time is scheduled 7-10 days following your release.



4) What’s The Difference Between The Full & Mini Newborn Session?
The 3-5 hour newborn session will give you a total of 8/10 different set ups (including the macro photos; hands, feet, lips..etc) which totals up to 20-25 images, give or take. Collection also includes the family and (or) sibling photos. Family photos will only add an additional 4-6 more images. Family photos are complimentary with the collection and does not change the price if clients choose not to include them. If you’re not able to do the family photos portion, the complimentary family photos available to you will be forfeited. The studio does not allow, to schedule two different session dates; one for newborn and one for family. No exceptions is made to this policy.


The mini newborn session keeps your baby wrapped throughout the whole session, in order to move through several photo transitions in a short amount of time with 4/5 different looks, that are simple, but yet unique in their own setup. Each setup will give you 1-2 images (close-up & far away) totaling your 10-12 digital files. However, this collection does not include family or sibling photos. You’re welcome to add the family/sibling photos to the mini newborn collection and is priced at $125.00. It will add an additional 6-8 digital files to the collection.


Although each collection does have a time frame listed, sessions aren’t actually completed until said number of photos are captured. They might run a bit longer or shorter depending how well your baby stays asleep through the transition of each pose.


Once booking has been confirmed, you will be emailed a detailed and informative newborn session parent prep guide on how to prepare your baby for the session, what to expect and an abundant amount of other helpful information that’ll give you a good insight on the session. You will also be emailed a session questionnaire on your preferred color scheme, pose/props..etc.


The links below will show you a sample of the full and mini newborn session.


Full Newborn Session

Mini Newborn Session



5) How Do We Decide On Which Props To Use, Color Palette..etc?
It’s actually very simple! ♥ Once booking has been confirmed, you will be emailed a newborn session prop questionnaire. The questionnaire will have an abundant of information that you will either select from multiple choice or fill in the blank. On the questionnaire, you’re welcome to list any said ideas you’d want for your baby’s session.



6) My Baby Has Already Been Born & Past The Time Frame To Get Newborn Photos…Am I Too Late?
Although, I highly recommend clients book their session in advance, I do have openings from time to time. However, please note after the 14-16 day mark, transitioning older babies from one pose to another, can become a bit difficult. It’s harder to achieve newborn type photos after this short window because they’re more sensitive to touch, become more alert with movement and are harder to curl up into those sweet fetal positions because of their increase in ligament strength.


You might disagree and feel as though your older infant is still very much in a newborn phase, which I couldn’t agree with you more. However with my expertise in photographing hundreds of newborns, I have witness for a majority, it’s a challenge. With that being said, I do however understand all babies are different. I have photographed older infants with great success. As long as you’re aware, newborn photos might or might not be possible to achieve. In such case your baby’s photos will be with your baby wrapped, open eyes.


With older infants, I’d recommend the mini newborn session and again, this also applies to premature/NICU babies. Even though they might finally be within the normal range of a full term baby, I’ve witness time and time again, they cannot stay asleep for the extended period of time of 3-5-hours, for the full newborn session. More time is spent trying to get them into a deep sleep, than actually taking said photos. Not to mentioned, with premature babies being laid out in the incubators for a while; it certainly does increases their ligament strength even more. Which in turn, makes more uncomfortable and difficult to curl and mold them into the majority of newborn positions.



7) What Safety Precautions Have You Incorporated Into Your Studio Business?
I’m vaccinated with the both COVID dosages and Tdap vaccine. I’m continuing to wear double face masks during all studio sessions and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. Clients are required to wear a mask when entering my home but have the option of removing it when they arrive to the studio. Shoes must be taken off at the door.


I have begun the process of booking studio sessions full time, however on the contingency of, every other day. During that rest period, it will allow me to adequate time to thoroughly disinfect the entire studio; door handles, light switches, camera gear, floors, couches, seating chairs, walls, floor..etc and also run my air purifiers throughout the entire day to clean the air. Garments/props that are worn and not machine washable, are put on a 3 day rotation of no studio use after disinfection. Frequent hand washing breaks and the use of hand sanitizer is used throughout the whole session.


Please note, there is absolutely nothing more important to me than the health and safety of all my clients. Taking all the necessary steps to ensure the studio environment remains safe and clean for your studio session is my utmost priority so if there’s anything else I can do to help alleviate concerns,  please don’t hesitate to let me know.



8) I Would Love To Do Both! Can I Book A Posed Newborn & Lifestyle Session On The Same Day?
Unfortunately, you can not. Clients have to book either, or. If you’re leaning more towards a posed newborn session, my advice would be to book the mini newborn collection. Get yourself small handful of beautifully curated newborn posed prop photos. Once your baby hits their next milestone, which is about 2/3 months, book the Lifestyle baby session. That way you’ll little bit of both; sweet sleepy posed newborn photos and then of course, baby photos where you can capture some amazing awake, sweet bonding parent/sibling photos. Important to note, Lifestyle newborn photos are completely propless and do not include the use of any props/setups.


If you’re adamant about doing both, the same day, clients can book the posed newborn session and add the lifestyle session as, an add on at full price. No discounts will be given for combing both, the posed newborn session and Lifestyle session.


This also applies to the full newborn collection that includes the family photos. The family photos for this collection are photographed in a traditional style with baby, just as you see in the newborn gallery. Newborn/family photos for the full newborn collection are not done on the “Lifestyle” setup unless, the Lifestyle collection is an add on to your existing collection.



9) Do You Offer In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Sessions?
Yes, I do and it’s priced at $695 for a 1.5-2 hour session with a digital download 25-30 high resolution edited files with full print release/usage rights. With the lifestyle newborn sessions, family and (or) sibling photos are already included.


Please note, a travel fee might be added to the collection if your location is more than 40 miles from 75089. With lifestyle newborn sessions, no studio prop/posing is involved. The only studio items that are brought for in home newborn sessions are wraps, hats, outfits, headbands..etc. Client’s also have up to 4 weeks to book the lifestyle in-home newborn session. In home sessions do not require booking the session within the recommended two week time frame, since no intricate newborn posing is involved.


Feel free to click on the link below to view a sample newborn lifestyle session.


Lifestyle Newborn Session



10) Do You Photograph Twins & Do You Charge Extra?
I do and no, I don’t charge extra for twins! ♥ However, my studio policy is with twins, I only booked the mini newborn session. Because of the delicate nature of producing and constructing beautiful images for just one newborn, I’d much rather sacrifice quantity over quality when working with two babies.


The mini newborn session for just one baby includes 10-12 digitals but with twins, it includes 12-15 digital files at no additional charge. However, parent/sibling photos are also not included in this collection but you’re welcome to add it to your collection for an additional $125. It will add an additional 7-10 more files.


Below you’ll find a link to a twin mini newborn session.


Twin Sample Session



11) Do You Offer Prints, Canvases & Albums As An Additional Purchase Option?

Yes, I do! ♥ Once you’re files have been delivered to you via the gallery, you have the option to purchase printed products directly from within the gallery. Orders are sent directly to our professional print lab and shipped straight to you. The link below will show you our current albums designs. Newborn albums are available for purchase for $395 plus tax. Prints start at $8.99 for a 4×6 | $12.99 for 5×7 | $21.99 for 8×10 | $27.99 for a 11×14 and $36.99 for a 16×20.


Baby Albums



12) Can I Bring/Incorporate My Pet & Other Non Immediate Family Members To The Newborn Session?

As much as I wholeheartedly get the sweet idea of having your fur baby involved, pets are not allowed to be apart of any studio session. If you’re wanting your pet involved, I would recommend the lifestyle newborn session. Also, family photos are for immediate family members only; mom/dad/siblings.





1) How Do I Book My Session With You?
Just an thorough insight, all sessions are fully inclusive, meaning you select the collection that include the said number of files. The collection price includes time, talent, session design, editing of your images as well, as the rendering of your high resolution digital gallery which will be available for download straight to your computers.  The photos are your to share, print, treasure and adore for years to come! ♥

Once you’re ready to make it official, I will put together your contract and emailed it along with your PayPal invoice link for the non-refundable retainer fee of $35. Retainer is applied to the total amount due and the remaining balance can be paid the day before your scheduled session. All collections are subjected to a 8.25% Texas State Sales Tax and payments can be made via PayPal or Zelle Quick Pay.



2) Why Do You Only Deliver the Said Amount of Digitals & Not More, For The Listed Amount Of  Time? 
Newborn photography is not like your traditional types of sessions. There is a very delicate nature that is involved in working with little babies. It takes a great deal of time and care to soothe your precious little one—something that is very important and quite crucial in the process of creating works of art. Yes, you might have seen other photographers provide more images but I would rather take my time producing my said number of images of clean, crisp, sweet photos of my babies posed beautifully and comfortably and not 50 images where your baby doesn’t look comfortable at all.


The said number of files is always the range of every session. I don’t take more to purposely up-sell you. If anything, depending how well the session is going, I might take a few more and include them at no extra charge.



3) Who Has The Rights To The Images?
Lily Hayes Photography, retains the copyright to all the images, per USC Title 17 (US Copyright Law). So just a little insight as to what that means, as the photographer, I retain the right to show off your gorgeous images to my other potential clients so that can see my beautiful work. You have solely, purchased reproduction rights, not the actual design. With your full print release (usage rights), you have the right to print and share the images being provided to you by, Lily Hayes Photography.



4) Are You Insured?
Yes, I am with both professional and liability insurance! ♥



5) Do I Have Permission To Print The Photos? Can I Use Them On My Social Media Platforms? 
Yes, you do! All sessions include full print release/usage rights. However, I do ask that you please do NOT print your images from a low quality printer like Wal-Mart, Target, CVS, Shutterfly, etc. The quality of your images will not reflect how beautiful they really are! ♥



6) Will I Receive “HIGH” Resolution Photos?
A lot of photographers say they will give you the digital files, but that can be deceiving as some photographers only give a 8×10 resolution. So if you ever want to print an 11×14 print, you have to spend hundreds of dollars with the photographer for the rest of your life. That way prints and frames can ONLY be ordered by that photographer and nowhere else.


All of my collections include the high resolution edited files which can be printed up to a 30×40 or higher.



7) Do You Watermark Your Photos?
No, I do not. I don’t feel it’s necessary even though it’s an endless amount of free marketing…lol. I’ve been very blessed to have worked with so many amazing clients and for the most part, word of mouth referrals accounts for a big chunk of my clientele.



8) Can I Have The Unedited Files?
Raw images are not usable images – at least to a client. Raw images need to be processed in order to create a final image. Part of my job is to process your images, perfect them and create a finished product. Asking your photographer for the RAW files, is like asking a cake vendor for an extra bag of flour, on the side. It’s only a partial ingredient in the overall product and means nothing on it’s own.

the petreikisabsolutely adore her personally & love her incredible work more every time we get photos done.
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The Jones FamilyI have been using Lily Hayes Photography since 2018. She is truly the best! She photographed both of my children when they were newborns. Since then she has done all of our family pictures. She is so patient, kind and knowledgeable. She gets the perfect shot everytime. Even if it seems like we just can’t get it because the kids are getting restless, she will try several different things until she gets that perfect shot. Lily goes above and beyond to make our family photos perfect! I highly recommend Lily to capture those special moments for your family. You won’t be disappointed.
The Wang FamilyLet me first start by saying…WOW! My wife and I booked Lily for both our maternity and newborn photos. They are some of the best photos we’ve ever had taken of our family! Lily is easy to work with, flexible with scheduling, and most importantly a fantastic photographer. She takes your input into consideration when creating portraits/composites and specifically tailors the photo sessions to your liking. We would highly recommend booking her for your next photo session! :)
The Malchi FamilyI HAVE FOUND MY FOREVER PHOTOGRAPHER!! I have nothing but amazing things to say about my experience with Lily!! She is the most professional, knowledgeable, helpful, caring, kind, and amazing at what she does! My husband and I had our newborn pictures done with her and just had a phenomenal experience and the pictures are just breath taking. Thank you so much Lily for capturing the moments that will last forever!! Look forward to many more!!
The Hornisher FamilyLily has been our family photographer for over 4 years. She produces high quality images, is professional and really cares about her clients requests. Lily has been the photographer for my bridal portraits, wedding, family photos, maternity pictures (x2) and newborn photos (x2) and each experience has been wonderful and provided pictures that we will cherish for a lifetime. Wholeheartedly recommend Lily for whatever photography session you are needing.
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