Newborn Photography – Tips for the Perfect First Shoot!

Chubby-cheeked, dimpled hands, and the most cherubic subjects ever, newborn babies are a delight to photograph. Few things in life are as sweet as a brand new baby and transferring all that bundle of happiness onto an image can be quite a challenging task.

Newborn Photography – Tips for the Perfect First ShootBut how do you work with a subject that doesn’t even understand what’s going on around them? Of course, newborn babies aren’t capable of posing or helping the shoot along in any sort of way, they can’t even hold their heads up! So it comes down to the photographer to make the shoot as picturesque and memorable as they can.

But how does one go about taking perfect portraits of the tiny bundles of joy? Here are a few tips for getting started.

Safety First

Babies are delicate, newborn babies are a hundred times more fragile. They can’t hold their heads up or stop themselves from falling, and they don’t have the cognitive abilities to do that yet. The onus falls on the photographer to ensure that the baby is safe above everything else.

Photographers should stick to poses that newborn babies can hold naturally on their own. As they’re quite flexible, they will stay put in whatever pose you put them in. And you can always edit in the more fancy poses with Photoshop if you’re going for that look.

Keep It Simple

The whole focus of newborn photography is to make the baby stand out, so you should aim to keep it simple. It is best to go for uncluttered backgrounds, for example solid colored or black backgrounds. Get a few simple shots first and then you can take pictures with props later on.

newborn photographyTiming Is key

When it comes to newborn photography, the right timing can make or break the photoshoot. Schedule it at the wrong time and you’ll probably spend most of the session trying to calm down a fussy baby. The ideal time to schedule a shoot is when the newborn is around two weeks old. They’re generally less fussy then and are most likely to sleep through the entire thing. Also, it may take you more time shooting newborn portraits as you’ll have to set up the poses right and consider the baby’s feeding schedule.

Do Minimum Retouching

You don’t need to airbrush or retouch baby soft skin. It is best to keep post-processing to a minimum when it comes to newborn photography. It is okay to adjust things like white balance or exposure but don’t edit out the tiny details like freckles or birthmarks.

With the right tips and tricks, newborn photography can be a wonderful tool for capturing the delightful moments of your little bundle of joy. If you’re looking for a professional newborn photography Rowlett to capture your newborn’s perfect moments, make sure to look up Lily Hayes Photography.