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When Is The Right Time To Take Baby Pictures?

As parents, few things bring us more joy than the little people we bring into this world. It stands to reason that we would want to capture and cherish every beautiful moment of our young one’s development and growth. After all, baby do grow up fast and before you know it, it’ll be school, university and then who knows!

All this begs the question, when is the right time to take baby pictures?

Right Time To Take Baby Pictures

No Single Right Time

As any skilled and experienced professional newborn photographer would tell you, there are numerous times or time frames that are worth capturing during the early days of your young one.

We’re going to split these up into different stages and talk about why these times are important to capture as development milestones so to speak!

The first 48

We’re referring here to the first 48 hours following your child’s birth. Few things have as much impact as the birth of a child. The first 48 hours are literally the period where your child is being welcomed into the world and you want to have these on camera.

Let’s also not forget that adorable wrinkled fresh infant look that goes away within a week of childbirth!

 child’s birth

Initial Fortnight

After birth, the initial fifteen days with your child are truly special. This is also the time where the baby slowly adjusts to its surroundings.

Developmentally, this is the period where your child starts to fill out. At the same time, most children spend their first fifteen or so days asleep which is why this is a great time to capture them in all their infantile innocence.

1 – 3 Months

If you’d rather not disturb your child in any way earlier on, any time within the first three months of birth can serve well as a time to have a photographer photograph your baby professionally. It is around this time frame that the baby slowly becomes more alert and aware of their surroundings. This means you have a lot more to play with by way of shots and composition!

 3 months baby photo shoot

3 Months and Up

To be fair, to many parents, their children will always be their babies. Socio-scientifically speaking, you have up to about a year to really bask in your child’s babyhood. Any time during this initial year could work for a baby photo shoot. You might also be lucky enough to cover your child’s first steps and other iconic firsts during this period!

Ask the Pros

If you want to be even more meticulous about planning your infant or baby photo shoot, it helps to connect with a trained professional.

Dallas based photographer Lily Hayes has extensive experience as a maternity and newborn photographer and has conducted numerous maternity, newborn and baby photo shoots producing spectacular results.

It might help to connect with someone like her once you have done your initial planning just to make certain that the photos of your child are (no pun intended) picture perfect!

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