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5 Key Factors for Taking Better Maternity Photographs

Maternity photography hasn’t always been popular. People would believe in hiding their pregnancy to keep the evil eye away and pregnant women would hesitate from flaunting their baby bumps.

However, things are changing now. Women are encouraged to enjoy their pregnancy and make the most of this time. Maternity photography is one way to make a woman feel amazing about the life she’s about to bring into this world.


Here are some tips for the best maternity photographs:

Creative camera angles

Angles matter the most when taking pictures. The right angle brings out the best features and adds power to photography. As a photographer, I try to find meaningful angles for my pictures; this is trickier with maternity photography.

In maternity photography, I have to focus on the mother and her expression as well as the baby bump. Some of my go-to angles are from above, which captures the mother caressing her bump.

Give precise directions

Since maternity shoots aren’t your average photo session, expectant mothers don’t know much about maternity photography. As a photographer, it’s my duty to give clear and precise directions to my clients for the best photographs. I try to communicate with my clients throughout the shoot, letting them know how to position their head, hands, or legs.

Don’t stick to the norm

With maternity photography, people tend to believe there isn’t much diversity you can add to the images. But that’s a wrong misconception; you have plenty of room to play around with and I try to add variety to the shots. Thinking like an artist helps me create images that clients love. Unusual compositions help me create such shots. I play around with the depth of field, lighting, and props to create magic.

Always include the partner in the pictures


The couple goes through the highs and lows of pregnancy together and I try to portray that through my pictures.

I get the partner to pose with their wife in a supportive role. So, poses where the partner is kissing the belly, caressing the belly, or just providing support to the mother are essential.

What to wear?

A common question almost all my clients ask is what they should wear to the shoot. Some expectant mothers might not feel too confident in their new bodies while others might feel their most beautiful when pregnant. I always have a word with the expectant mothers before my shoot just to understand how they’re feeling.

If a client wants a soft and delicate result in the pictures, I recommend dusky pinks and whites with flowy silhouettes. Lace is a great fabric to show off their bump too. For clients who want the pictures to pack a punch, I recommend bold colors and figure-flattering dresses.

Get in touch with me for your maternity photoshoots. I’m a Dallas-based photographer who has worked with many expectant mothers and newborns to create stunning images. I’ve been working as a family photographer in Dallas for many years now. Learn more about my passion here or visit my website to view my work. Feel free to contact me at (972)832.2595.

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