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Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Little One Still for Photos

Your little one is as curious as a cat and loves exploring their surroundings. They’re a hard one to hold down and feel the need to grab everything in sight!

While you love their energy and have given them the freedom to explore, when it comes to family photoshoots, you wish there was some way you could hold them down!

While it may seem impossible, there are tricks you can use to keep your bundle of joy still during family photoshoots!

Here’s what you can do:

Give Them Something to Hold

The best way to keep their attention is to give them something to hold. It can be anything; a piece of paper, a flower, a card, or even a prop!

When they have something to hold, it’ll be easier for the photographer to take pictures. You can even hand them a coloring book and create a family album where everyone is painting, drawing, or coloring something.

This will help make the photo album more unique and creative, and it’ll help keep your little munchkin from moving around!

Give Them Something to Look At!

Toddlers know how to grab our attention. But as parents, we don’t know how to grab theirs!

One reason your toddler doesn’t like looking at the camera could be because they’re camera shy. The best way to overcome this is by taking a toy or something sparkly and placing it on top of the camera.

As soon as your toddler looks at the camera, your photographer will take a few photos. It’ll only take a few seconds.

Ask Them to Play Copycat

For different poses, you can ask them to play copycat. You just have to do a few poses when the photographer is taking their picture. They’ll be looking at you so make sure to stand next to the camera.

This will distract them and they’ll be too busy mimicking you. This will make it easier for the photographer to take a few pictures.

These are just a few ways you can make family photoshoots less stressful for your child. Lily Hayes is a professional wedding, newborn, and family photographer from Dallas.

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