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Tips for a Stunning Maternity Shoot

Maternity photography is a lovely way to capture the radiance pregnant woman exude just before their new baby arrives. Not only do they feel like they’re worth all the good things, they also feel alive, free, and of course, beautiful! So why not capture it with a maternity photo shoot?


Pose Solo

While you might want to stand beside your partner, and take hundreds of photos with them – this is truly your time to shine. Ensure that you get a ton of solo photos flaunting your baby bump. Cradle your belly lovingly and smile at the camera for a wonderful photo with your baby.


Find a Suitable Location

This is essential because you don’t want to be walking for long when you’re supporting your pregnant belly.  Most mothers-to-be skip this highly important step and end up exhausted on the shoot location. Keep in mind that you want to look your best for the occasion, so choosing a location that won’t give you aching feet is necessary.


Bring out Some Accessories

And when we say accessorize, we don’t mean just donning some jewelry. Although jewelry is an important thing to glam you up for the shoot, there are other things that can serve as props and accessories for your maternity shoot.


Pregnant woman in green dress holding her belly


Bring photos of your sonogram, as well as any other interesting accessories you’d like to use in the photos, such as a pair of baby shoes or other newborn apparel. These things will make for some adorable maternity images, particularly in close-ups.


Twirl or Walk

Adding natural movement to a photo almost always brings a sense of realness to it. Ask your partner to walk beside you, or lead them on by your hand so the photographer can capture you two from the side. Your connection with your partner will naturally bring out your smile—and is there anything better to wear than that?

Try twirling as well, in addition to letting your partner hold your belly tenderly. Try different styles and poses to allow your photographer to click frame-worthy pictures of you.

If you’re ready to welcome your bundle of joy into the world, consider reaching out to Lily Hayes Photography for a maternity shoot in Dallas. We guarantee to make you happy with your maternity photos, so much so, that you’ll find yourself contacting us for newborn photography in no time.

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