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What to Wear to Your Maternity Photo Shoot: Mom-to-Be Edition

Pregnancy is a wonderful, magical experience for most women. Despite the morning sickness and discomfort, it’s a time to marvel over the miracle of life. Being able to look back at this time years later is something you, your partner, and your baby will cherish immensely.

Maternity Photo Shoot

Amidst all the stress that comes with pregnancy, a maternity photo shoot is a beautiful ode to your body and a celebration of nature’s greatest gift.

So why don’t you hire a photographer in Dallas, dress to the nines, and take some fierce pictures that’ll make you feel as beautiful as the experience itself!

Can’t decide what the perfect maternity photo shoot outfit would be? You’re not alone. And while you might not opt for a stunning nude photo shoot—à la Ashley Graham— we can guide you on how to embrace your beauty:

Go solid & timeless

What makes some of the most beautiful maternity photo shoots is when the mom-to-be is the center of attention. Avoid wearing busy clothing that’ll detract from the focus on you. Heavily-patterned and brightly-colored outfits can have too much going on—and that means less attention will be paid to you!

Neon dresses may be the hottest trend of the year but it would become the focal point of the photo shoot instead of your gorgeous bump. Opt, instead, for a timeless solid-colored dress that will look just as beautiful when you look back at it 10 years from now.

Don’t accessorize too much

One thing to remember for every maternity photo shoot outfit is that every piece should be chosen to accentuate your baby bump. Jewelry and accessories are usually not recommended because too much sparkle takes away from the essence of the occasion.

Simplistic maternity shoots that are stunning in their minimalism are the way to go when picking out accessories.


Opt for a tight dress

Pregnancy is an incredible testament to just how amazing your body is. So why not embrace those beautiful curves proudly?

Tight bodycon dresses will perfectly hug your curves, giving you a stunning silhouette that’ll show off your baby bump perfectly. Make sure you embrace your growing belly in all its glory by wearing a fitted dress in a solid color—it’ll make you and your coming little bundle of joy the center of attention.

Be light & breezy

For women who don’t feel comfortable wearing fitted maternity wear, loose, flowy dresses are the stuff of ethereal beauty!

 flowy dresses

Maxi dresses or knee-length dresses are comfortable, flattering, and accentuate your bump perfectly. The great thing about these dresses is that the loose fabric will hide any troublesome areas while hugging your baby bump in the most flattering way possible!

When the flowing fabric catches the wind, you’ll be able to catch breathtakingly dramatic photos fit for any magazine.

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