4 Dos and Don’ts for Getting a Perfect Family Portrait

Family portraits are classic and wholesome ways to preserve memories with your family before your kids start growing up too fast. Soon they’ll be moving out and you won’t even have realized how quickly time flew by.

With holiday season coming up, family portraits are a great way to send out holiday cards and update your holiday décor as well! They’re also iconic and a great testament of your family as a unit and how far everyone has come together through it all. When you take them at different intervals, you can even watch the growth of your kids and even new additions to the family!

But we all know how tricky it can be to pull off a successful family portrait. The first thing you can do is hire the right photographer, who will make you feel comfortable and also be more experienced.

Here are a few essential dos and don’ts to get the perfect family portrait!

Do make sure all family members are involved

Scheduling the family portrait and reminding all members is super important. You want to make sure that everyone arrives on time and you don’t miss out anyone because they were at soccer practice or out of town.

This can be harder with bigger families, so make sure you start sending out reminders a week before the actual day. Choose a day which works for everyone, for example, closer to holiday season means that there are greater chances for availability. Sort out the dates as early as possible so you can also book your photographer on time.

Coordinate outfits with each other

When you have the whole family on board, decide on a collective color theme for your outfits! If you think matching sweaters or similar clothes is too cheesy, you can always pick a theme.

Photographers always recommend that you avoid wearing shirts with logos and generally stick to shades of a specific color theme. The more your outfits complement each other, the easier it will be to edit pictures and make you stand out.  


Do scout for the perfect location

Where you take the pictures and the background is very important. Do you want it to be outdoors or in your family lounge? Think about what captures the essence of your family spirit.  

Also consider what time you’re planning on taking pictures. If you want it to be during golden hour or right before sunset to get the soft light, make sure you choose a place which you can reach on time.

Don’t forget to communicate with your photographer

Getting the perfect family portrait is a journey you’re on with your photographer. So make sure you communicate with them before and during the session. This will help you feel more comfortable in your skin and put other family members at ease. You will also manage to get more natural pictures.

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