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4 Drinks to Serve at Your Next Family Reunion

Are you planning on throwing a summer get-together for your friends and family?  Sounds like a cool idea! To keep the conversation flowing at your table, don’t forget to serve some yummy drinks. After all, what’s a party without food, cocktails and some family photography? 

We have created a small list of amazing drinks to serve at your next get together; read more about them below: 

Rejuvenate with a Glass of Mojito

When you have your family coming over for a lively get together, then there’s nothing better to serve at your table than this drink. Fairly easy to make, and equally delicious to consume, this drink is the ultimate conversation starter.

Prepare large pitchers of it using limes, mint sprigs, water and white rum. Don’t forget to add some sugar to dilute the tanginess of the drink! 

Serve a Refreshing Glass of Pina Colada 

Can any drink beat the charm of a traditional Pina colada? We don’t think so. A wonderfully smooth and creamy blend, this drink will be passed around the table and gone in a jiffy—that’s how much everyone is going to love it! 

The tanginess of pineapple taints the richness of coconut cream. Then, it’s topped with a dash of white rum—sounds like a dream! This is your perfect, and easy to make supper-time drink. 

Beat the Heat with Blue Lagoon

Do you have your favorite cousins coming over? If your answer was in affirmative, then this drink is the one to serve while you all binge watch Season 4 of Stranger Things on Netflix, or share juicy family gossip. Besides this, you can also share a box of chicken nuggets or a pack of crispy fries. 

They are bound to love it—and the best part? The vibrancy of the drink is Instagram worthy! This drink is a wonderful concoction of just the right amount of booze, and a dash of citrus juice. 

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Flirtatious and Fun: Summer Fruit Punch

Name a better trio than Lemon, Melon, and Cucumber; we’ll wait. You can’t? Well, better grab all three, and blend them together to create a refreshing fruity punch. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to spice up the drink with a tiny mint leaf. 

Go on, take a sip, and experience the true joy of summers with this fruity summer punch.

Make it Memorable with Photos

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family portraiturelily hayes

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