4 Things to Not Do Right Before Your Photo Shoot!

You’ve probably heard photo shoot horror stories your entire life so it makes sense that you’re worried about what you should—and shouldn’t!—do on the day. After all, when you’re hiring a professional photographer and dressing up for the occasion, you’ll want the pictures to turn out amazing!

As the photographer of choice for Dallas, TX, residents, I’ve been to countless photo shoots for weddings, newborn babies, engagements, family pictures, and maternity shoots.

From hairstyle faux pas and wardrobe malfunctions to the stress of the occasion catching up to you, there’s a lot that could go wrong if you’re not adequately prepared.

You’d be surprised how the little, seemingly insignificant things can spell disaster for your pictures. So, I’m here to tell you 4 things you should steer clear of before your photo shoot:

Don’t experiment with your hair

Whether you’re taking pictures for your wedding, doing a maternity shoot, or just celebrating you, it’s important to avoid trying new things. Yes, that means stepping away from those shears and putting away that box of hair dye.

You want your photos to capture you in all your glory. The risk of ruining your hair right before the photo session is absolutely not recommended!

If you were contemplating getting fresh highlights or trying out a new ponytail hairstyle for the photo shoot, it’s best to do your experimentation a week or so before the actual day.

Don’t have a hearty meal

Sure, we’ve all heard of supermodels recounting times they devoured a greasy cheeseburger before heading out for a photo shoot.  In reality, digging into a messy meal right before your shoot is probably not a great idea.

All the pizzas, pasta, and burgers await you on the other side of the photo session but you can’t risk oil stains, lipstick smears, or (the dreaded) situation of having food stuck in your teeth!

Don’t stress out!

Photo session jitters are very real, and you can’t really control them. Not all of us are used to being in front of a camera, so your panic is justified. Digestive discomfort and bloating are often caused by stress; combat water retention and look your best by focusing on what you’re eating.

Being told to bend your leg a certain way or tilt your head in a different direction may feel unnatural but trust your photographer—we’ve got an eye for these tiny details!

A good night’s sleep and being prepared for the photo shoot will help you calm your nerves and result in gorgeous pictures you’ll remember forever.

Don’t try something new with your skin

When it comes to skincare products and makeup, tried and tested is the way to go! You don’t want to risk using a new product only to break out into a rash or end up looking greasy.

Resist the temptation to experiment on the day of your session. You’ve made an effort to hire a photographer for the occasion and you should get pictures that capture your beauty in its true essence!

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