How to Make A Photographer’s Job Easier During A Family Photo Shoot 

You have loved the cards your best friend sends all the way from her home in New York every year!

They are family photographs shot by a professional photographer in matching dresses like the ones Kate Middleton shares. Last year before Halloween, she dressed her two boys in fall colors and had family photographs taken at a Pumpkin Patch.

Well, this year, you have finally booked a session with a professional photographer for a family photoshoot. 

In fact, it was long overdue.

You have chosen the perfect spot and picked a time when the natural light is best. And now you are determined to make sure everything goes smoothly.

But you know, five minutes in, your 2-year-old will throw a fit because she wants to play in the dirt, and your 5-year-old will refuse to smile.

You want to help the photographer capture the best version of your happy little family.

Here we have a few simple tips on how you can help the photographer and, in turn, have them capture beautiful shots of your family.

 1. Have a spare change of clothes:

Stains and accidents happen. So for the kids, throw in an extra pair of dresses and a change of clothes while sticking to the theme.

 Even keep an extra change of clothes for yourself and your husband-  just in case.


2. Get the children excited about it

 Prep the kids beforehand and introduce them to the photographer. Show a few other family portraits to help them develop their idea of a photo session.

 3. Keep snacks that are clean

If you are doing the family photoshoot at a location that requires a bit of a drive, the kids will need snacks and are bound to get hungry. Keep snacks that are clean and won’t leave sticky fingers or stains.    

4. Make the family photography session fun!

It can be easy to get frustrated when you have a goal in mind and if it is not being met. Go for a family photoshoot with an open mind and have fun while you’re there. One of the kids may fall asleep, or you might get frustrated or irritated because something wasn’t going to plan.

What will happen is that your frustration will show in the pictures your photographer takes.

Nothing beats a good natural photograph and a genuinely happy smile that comes from within.

And that is exactly what professional photographers like to work with. The real emotions that they see in families as they play together: The joy in the eyes of a child when he looks at his parents. The love a father has in his eyes for his wife and child.

 At Lily Hayes, we love capturing these precious moments. This is why we encourage parents to dress their children in comfortable clothing, be relaxed, and most importantly, enjoy the process.

You can view our portfolios and the beautiful families we have worked with here. For a stress-free family photography session, contact Lily Hayes at Lily Hayes photography.

The Importance of Emotions in Photography

Ever walked through an art gallery and noticed how people just don’t look at the art and walk away?  

They stand there and ponder over the details in the images: The choice of color, the medium, the depth, and the images captured by the artists. 

 For decades, the world has argued over Mona Lisa and her smile.   

But one thing is clear, the importance of emotion in art—be it a painting on a canvas or photography captured through a lens, is critical in the way it is perceived. 

Research on Emotions in Photography

For years, Tyra Banks tried to bring out the emotions of young girls who wanted to be models in the show ‘America’s Next Top Model.’ 

Girls who failed to bring emotion to the photographs were eliminated and sent home every week. But is there really a science behind this? 

It turns out there is.

One study found that when a photograph was quickly flashed on a screen for only ten milliseconds, it had the power to alter behavior

1. Changes the Emotion of the Viewer 

 Today marketing experts use this concept in advertising and sales all the time to sell products and change the way we feel about these products. 

 A truly happy, beaming child’s face on a McDonald’s happy meal is one such example. It is a powerful true emotion of a happy child captured by the photographer and creates a strong, powerful image that connects with the customer. 

 When you and I look at those children smiling, our brain is tricked into thinking positively about the meal. 

 2. Blink, or you will miss it 

Do you know how fast a camera’s shutter comes down when you click it to take a picture? Raw emotions aren’t easy to capture, especially on birthdays and weddings: A passing glance, a face breaking out into a smile, a father holding back his tears of happiness as he walks his daughter down the aisle. 

 The instant the groom’s face lights up as his bride enters the church in her wedding dress. 

 All these moments carry raw and powerful emotions that you can miss if you blink. But if captured in a photograph can make powerful images. 


3. Evoking emotion 

Do you find yourself smiling after looking at a picture of a baby? Or of parents being reunited with their lost child. For decades powerful photographs have changed the world because they evoke strong emotions. The image communicated how the subjects felt. 

Hiring a photographer who understands this:  

Capturing raw emotions in your photography takes patience, practice, and experience. At Lily Hayes photography, Lily herself understands the powerful emotions behind family, children, and loved ones. She doesn’t intervene and lets you be you. Her experience in covering intimate events has led her to know where to look and anticipate important moments. You can book her for your important event by visiting her website.

Why You Should Get A Professional Photographer For A Family Portrait

Have you ever taken a photo of the whole family only to find that one person is blinking or has their eyes closed?

It’s not easy to get everyone to look at the camera, smile at the same time, and pose in a way that looks natural.

If you’re planning a new family portrait or have been wanting to update the old one and give it a new look, it’s time to hire professional family photographers who’d take good and memorable portraits.

Since you’ll want to share family portraits with loved ones and pass them down through the generations, it’s important that you find someone who can make the experience fun instead of a hassle.

Here’s why spending some money on a professional family photographer in Dallas, Tx, is the best gift you can give your family.

1. Greater attention to detail

Professional family photographers pay close attention to detail, while amateur photographers may ruin your photographs.

For example, a bright light in the photo could cause glare on faces, or items in the background could be out of focus. A professional photographer will know how to adjust so that details in the picture are crisp and clear.

2. Better photograph quality

Professional family photographers have access to high-end equipment that hobbyists don’t. This allows them to capture high-quality family portraits that would be impossible for the average person to do.

If you want something special done with your photos, such as making a collage, a family photographer can usually do this for an additional fee.

3. Right equipment and expertise

A professional photographer will have the equipment and expertise needed to capture your family history in a way that you cannot do on your own. They’ll have specialized lighting, camera settings, and lenses, to compose each shot to perfection.

Professional photographers can also edit or enhance the images if anything does not turn out perfectly. With the help of a professional, you can be sure that your portrait will be the centerpiece of your home for many years to come.

4.    Better angles, lighting, and frames

Professional photographers use their equipment effectively and understand how to get everyone in the family to pose properly. You’ll have many different angles and poses to choose from if you hire a family photographer in Dallas.

So, are you looking for a professional photographer who will keep the day running smoothly by helping your family choose outfits, suggest poses and location ideas? Then you’ve landed on the right place.

Hi, I am Lily, owner of Lily Hayes Photography. I’ve been proudly providing top-notch photography services throughout Dallas for several years. You can check out my wedding photographyfamily photography, and maternity photography shots online.

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4 Reasons to Opt for a Family Photoshoot

Family photos help us connect with family members who came before us. When your children see your pictures from the past, they feel more connected and attached to you. Besides, every family has a unique story to tell, and letting that die out in oblivion is unfair. This is why family photoshoots are crucial.

In addition to documenting family lineage, family photoshoots are a great way to celebrate the milestones of a family member, including your children’s successes. These celebrations can be birthdays, weddings, graduation and the list goes on.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the common reasons that lead people to opt for professional family photoshoots.

Family Portraits are Personal

A family photoshoot is all about capturing your real life. They are about documenting you in your most natural form. These portraits reflect the deep bonds you have weaved over time with your family members. Family photoshoots preserve a glimpse of your daily life in a photograph for a lifetime.

Celebrate Uniqueness

Every family is different. Each has its own set of values, preferences, and habits. Even two family members have their own sets of differences and similarities. However, it’s awe-inspiring that despite differences, how beautifully they weave into one strong unit and protect each other with their lives.

This is why it’s important to keep them safe in photographs. So, when your future generations look back on family portraits, they are reminded of their family’s power and feel more connected to their ancestors.

People standing in front of a pile of wood

Document Lineage

People with large families need to document themselves to establish a record and family hierarchy. This allows them to feel empowered and strong as a unit. The sense of community that such a record presents cannot be emphasized enough.

Family photographs display affection that will be cherished for years to come. In short, they are proof of life, love, and loss. Besides, family photographs are the only reminder left of your loved ones as time passes.

Means of Communication

Pictures speak; they tell stories of people in them. Family photographs express emotions, giving an insight into who we are and who we love. These photographs are exceptionally powerful tools of communication that help us relive memories even when the people in those pictures are no longer there. Suffice to say, one of the best ways to keep memories alive is to photograph them.

If you want to preserve the beautiful memories of your loved ones, then hire a family photographer. You can also consider us at Lily Hayes. Lily Hayes is a top-notch professional family photographer specializing in different lifestyle photography categories, including engagement, wedding, and maternity photoshoots.

For further details, contact us.

How to prepare for a family photoshoot

Family photos are a special occasion and you would want it to go as smooth as possible. Find out how you can prepare for a family photoshoot.

how to prepare for a family shoot


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