4 Drinks to Serve at Your Next Family Reunion

Are you planning on throwing a summer get-together for your friends and family?  Sounds like a cool idea! To keep the conversation flowing at your table, don’t forget to serve some yummy drinks. After all, what’s a party without food, cocktails and some family photography? 

We have created a small list of amazing drinks to serve at your next get together; read more about them below: 

Rejuvenate with a Glass of Mojito

When you have your family coming over for a lively get together, then there’s nothing better to serve at your table than this drink. Fairly easy to make, and equally delicious to consume, this drink is the ultimate conversation starter.

Prepare large pitchers of it using limes, mint sprigs, water and white rum. Don’t forget to add some sugar to dilute the tanginess of the drink! 

Serve a Refreshing Glass of Pina Colada 

Can any drink beat the charm of a traditional Pina colada? We don’t think so. A wonderfully smooth and creamy blend, this drink will be passed around the table and gone in a jiffy—that’s how much everyone is going to love it! 

The tanginess of pineapple taints the richness of coconut cream. Then, it’s topped with a dash of white rum—sounds like a dream! This is your perfect, and easy to make supper-time drink. 

Beat the Heat with Blue Lagoon

Do you have your favorite cousins coming over? If your answer was in affirmative, then this drink is the one to serve while you all binge watch Season 4 of Stranger Things on Netflix, or share juicy family gossip. Besides this, you can also share a box of chicken nuggets or a pack of crispy fries. 

They are bound to love it—and the best part? The vibrancy of the drink is Instagram worthy! This drink is a wonderful concoction of just the right amount of booze, and a dash of citrus juice. 

A family sitting around a table with several glasses on it

Flirtatious and Fun: Summer Fruit Punch

Name a better trio than Lemon, Melon, and Cucumber; we’ll wait. You can’t? Well, better grab all three, and blend them together to create a refreshing fruity punch. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to spice up the drink with a tiny mint leaf. 

Go on, take a sip, and experience the true joy of summers with this fruity summer punch.

Make it Memorable with Photos

A get together is the perfect time to make memories with your loved ones—and what better way to preserve them then with pictures? Get in touch with Lily Hayes Photography if you want to hire a photographer in Dallas, and prepare to be blown away by the wonderful photos of your family.

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How to Pose: A Brief Guide to Looking Flattering In Photos

Do you wonder how celebrities and influencers always manage to look amazing in nearly all of their photoshoots? Whether it’s Sophie Turner flaunting her baby bump, or Gigi Hadid serving looks in her sunglasses, their photos are nothing but flattering – and you can look just as good if you learn a few posing tricks.

Here are a few things that’ll ensure that you never have a bad photoshoot. Continue reading to find out more

Make a Triangle with Your Body

Angles! Photography is the game of angles. Use your body to your advantage and make a triangle with it. Cross your legs if you’re sitting down for a photo or hold your arms in a triangular fashion near your waist to appear more flattering. 

It’s as easy as it sounds! You can experiment with placing a hand on your hip, or moving your arm up and toying with your hair.

Angle Away From the Camera

This is our best tip: never face the camera fully – and by fully, we mean that either your face, or your hands, or your body must be facing away from the lens. This captures you in a flattering way, and won’t make you look plain. 

Put on Your Best Smile! 

Your smile is the best accessory, so why hide it? Smile wide, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how well your photos turn out. 

Initially, people deemed it inappropriate to give wide, toothy smiles in their photos—but now, fortunately, they know better. Your smile is that one prop that won’t cost you a dime and still make your photos attractive by several folds!

Know What to Do With Your Hands

If you don’t want your arms to appear bigger than they are, avoid posing with holding them too close to the body. Instead, angle them away and see what a difference that makes! 

A mother and daughter posing together

Often, people have some confusion over what to do with their hands, so they let them drop limp by their sides. This can become unflattering, but you can make it better by holding on to something. That something could be a strand of your hair that you wrap around your finger, or a tumbler of coffee grasped with both hands. You can even try and hold onto a rail or a wall.

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Posing Guide for a Family Photo session

Family photo sessions helps you highlight your special bonds keeping your photos authentic as well. Follow this posing guide for a family photo session.

Posing guide for a family photosession

How to Make A Photographer’s Job Easier During A Family Photo Shoot 

You have loved the cards your best friend sends all the way from her home in New York every year!

They are family photographs shot by a professional photographer in matching dresses like the ones Kate Middleton shares. Last year before Halloween, she dressed her two boys in fall colors and had family photographs taken at a Pumpkin Patch.

Well, this year, you have finally booked a session with a professional photographer for a family photoshoot. 

In fact, it was long overdue.

You have chosen the perfect spot and picked a time when the natural light is best. And now you are determined to make sure everything goes smoothly.

But you know, five minutes in, your 2-year-old will throw a fit because she wants to play in the dirt, and your 5-year-old will refuse to smile.

You want to help the photographer capture the best version of your happy little family.

Here we have a few simple tips on how you can help the photographer and, in turn, have them capture beautiful shots of your family.

 1. Have a spare change of clothes:

Stains and accidents happen. So for the kids, throw in an extra pair of dresses and a change of clothes while sticking to the theme.

 Even keep an extra change of clothes for yourself and your husband-  just in case.


2. Get the children excited about it

 Prep the kids beforehand and introduce them to the photographer. Show a few other family portraits to help them develop their idea of a photo session.

 3. Keep snacks that are clean

If you are doing the family photoshoot at a location that requires a bit of a drive, the kids will need snacks and are bound to get hungry. Keep snacks that are clean and won’t leave sticky fingers or stains.    

4. Make the family photography session fun!

It can be easy to get frustrated when you have a goal in mind and if it is not being met. Go for a family photoshoot with an open mind and have fun while you’re there. One of the kids may fall asleep, or you might get frustrated or irritated because something wasn’t going to plan.

What will happen is that your frustration will show in the pictures your photographer takes.

Nothing beats a good natural photograph and a genuinely happy smile that comes from within.

And that is exactly what professional photographers like to work with. The real emotions that they see in families as they play together: The joy in the eyes of a child when he looks at his parents. The love a father has in his eyes for his wife and child.

 At Lily Hayes, we love capturing these precious moments. This is why we encourage parents to dress their children in comfortable clothing, be relaxed, and most importantly, enjoy the process.

You can view our portfolios and the beautiful families we have worked with here. For a stress-free family photography session, contact Lily Hayes at Lily Hayes photography.

The Importance of Emotions in Photography

Ever walked through an art gallery and noticed how people just don’t look at the art and walk away?  

They stand there and ponder over the details in the images: The choice of color, the medium, the depth, and the images captured by the artists. 

 For decades, the world has argued over Mona Lisa and her smile.   

But one thing is clear, the importance of emotion in art—be it a painting on a canvas or photography captured through a lens, is critical in the way it is perceived. 

Research on Emotions in Photography

For years, Tyra Banks tried to bring out the emotions of young girls who wanted to be models in the show ‘America’s Next Top Model.’ 

Girls who failed to bring emotion to the photographs were eliminated and sent home every week. But is there really a science behind this? 

It turns out there is.

One study found that when a photograph was quickly flashed on a screen for only ten milliseconds, it had the power to alter behavior

1. Changes the Emotion of the Viewer 

 Today marketing experts use this concept in advertising and sales all the time to sell products and change the way we feel about these products. 

 A truly happy, beaming child’s face on a McDonald’s happy meal is one such example. It is a powerful true emotion of a happy child captured by the photographer and creates a strong, powerful image that connects with the customer. 

 When you and I look at those children smiling, our brain is tricked into thinking positively about the meal. 

 2. Blink, or you will miss it 

Do you know how fast a camera’s shutter comes down when you click it to take a picture? Raw emotions aren’t easy to capture, especially on birthdays and weddings: A passing glance, a face breaking out into a smile, a father holding back his tears of happiness as he walks his daughter down the aisle. 

 The instant the groom’s face lights up as his bride enters the church in her wedding dress. 

 All these moments carry raw and powerful emotions that you can miss if you blink. But if captured in a photograph can make powerful images. 


3. Evoking emotion 

Do you find yourself smiling after looking at a picture of a baby? Or of parents being reunited with their lost child. For decades powerful photographs have changed the world because they evoke strong emotions. The image communicated how the subjects felt. 

Hiring a photographer who understands this:  

Capturing raw emotions in your photography takes patience, practice, and experience. At Lily Hayes photography, Lily herself understands the powerful emotions behind family, children, and loved ones. She doesn’t intervene and lets you be you. Her experience in covering intimate events has led her to know where to look and anticipate important moments. You can book her for your important event by visiting her website.


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