How to Prepare For a Winter Maternity Shoot in Dallas

Look at you rocking that baby bump!

Pregnancy is a wonderful thing and you’re right to celebrate it with a maternity photoshoot. But if you’re doing that during the winters, you might have to take more precautions than usual. Especially since Dallas and the rest of Texas are in for a particularly harsh winter this year.

Make your winter maternity shoot go smoothly by following these tips.

1.    Always Put Safety over Style

Fashion is an important part of maternity photoshoots, but keeping safe from the cold is more important. Keep yourself warm by wearing a maternity dress made of winter-friendly thick material. Don’t be afraid to accessorize with winter gloves, hats, and scarves. Always remember to put your safety over style!

2.    Keep Extra Clothes for Outdoor Locations

Even if you’re not going to be wearing extra layers during the photoshoot, you should still keep them on your person — especially if you’re going to outdoor maternity photoshoot locations in Dallas, TX. Carry an extra scarf, jacket, or sweater for yourself and ask everyone who’ll be joining you to do the same.

3.    Get Cozy with the Poses

Take advantage of the cold and cuddle up with your partner! Try out poses where you’re hugging, back-hugging, playing in the snow, or just cozying up to each other. You can try out fun poses by yourself too. Make snow sculptures, pose by a waterfall, or take a walk in a beautiful park.

4.    Take Breaks in a Warm Car

Being out in harsh cold temperatures can lead to multiple injuries. The last thing you want during your maternity photoshoot is to get frostbite! Take breaks after every 10-minute maternity photography session and go relax in a warm car or van. Make sure to carry warm refreshments like coffee in a thermos or snacks to keep you energetic.

5.    Make Use of the Atmosphere

The atmosphere across Dallas can be daunting during the winter. It can get gloomy and dark. But don’t let that dull down your pregnancy photoshoot! Ask your maternity photographer to find stunning locations that make use of the winter weather and get your pictures taken there. You can use frosty trees, icy lakes, foggy streets, and snowy waterfalls as backdrops for your pictures.

Pregnant woman posing for a maternity shoot by Lily Hayes Photography

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4 Grandparent Photoshoot Ideas

Whether it’s a graduation, engagement, wedding, or the birth of your newborn, every family event is incomplete without having the grandparents involved.

Even if they live far away, you should make an attempt to visit them every holiday or have them come over and create memories that you and your kids will remember for the rest of your lives. Having family photos with the grandparents holding your newborn will always be something you’ll cherish.

However, if you’re looking for photoshoot ideas to involve the grandparents in your newborn’s photoshoot, here are some simple ways to help you achieve that.

Candid Photography is the Way To Go

We all know grandparents have a soft and caring aura that melts our heart and make us love them even more. But you can’t capture these precious moments if you and the family are too busy directing the poses and pictures.

Let your parents have a moment with the new baby and watch as you get to click adorable shots of the sleeping baby and your smiling parents. You might have to wait a while or snap a few pictures before you get to the good photos, but it’ll be worth the wait.

One-on-One Photos

How do you capture the true nature and bond of your newborn and their grandparents? You make time for a one on one photoshoot.

This allows the grandparents to have center stage with your new baby and take their time to pose and play around with them.

Your child will also have fond pictures to look back on and remember their grandparents as they grow old. It’s important to treasure these moments for your baby to show them the love and care people around them have.

Bring in the Extended Family

Having all the aunts, uncles and cousins gathered in one place can be a chaotic mess, but it’s also a fun time for everybody to meet and bond with your newborn baby.

You can use this get-together as an opportunity to click some family photos with the grandparents to capture all your siblings, in-laws, and kids in one big happy family photograph.

Hire a Professional Photographer

Sure, you can work a camera and snap decent photos, but a professional photographer will do so much more. They’ll work with proper lighting, angles, and settings to give you many display-worthy photographs.

If you want to hire a professional photographer for your newborn or family photoshoot, reach out to us!

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