Clothing Suggestions for Family Photos

Family portraits can be super fun if you want them to be. They can also be chaotic and all over the place, depending on how boisterous your family is!

One thing that matters the most, other than all family members being present at the time of the photo shoot, is to have coordinating outfits!

If that’s not really your thing, you can stick to coordinating colors instead. Here are some other important tips to keep in mind when planning your outfits for a photoshoot.

Why is the right outfit important for a photo shoot?

  • Being specific with the clothes you wear is important because it impacts how well your portrait turns out. It can also make it easier for your photographer to edit the pictures and bring out the best in each subject.
  • However, if different members are wearing clashing colors or clothes with logos on them, it can make the editing process difficult.
  • Also, your family photos, whether it’s a portrait or a wedding photo, are timeless and something you will treasure for years to come.
  • They also tell an important story about when and where the picture was taken. You’ll always look at the picture and be nostalgic about the summer you went off to college, or your daughter’s wedding day.

Dress for the season

Whether it’s the brink of the holiday season, or fall, plan all your outfits accordingly. Does your family have a tradition of matching Christmas sweaters that you want to incorporate into the shoot? Go for it! Just make sure all the family members don’t mesh into one big blob.

Keep in mind the location

Whether you plan to take the photo outdoors, or in your living room, the backdrop is important for choosing the right color. It also impacts the kind of lighting you will be exposed to. While lighting can be adjusted later, sunlight will make certain colors pop more than others.

Go for solid colors

Except for all black and white, solid colors can translate really well in photographs. Pastel and lighter colors can make you look washed out as opposed to fresher and brighter.

You can opt for deeper hues of purple and red, especially for fall, as this will look even more stunning against a rusty leaves backdrop. Vibrant greens and somber blues also look great on camera.

Textures are great for adding layers

Textures can be in the form of plaid shirts, accessories like scarves and gloves as well. This can make your photographs more interesting and in-depth. It also allows some family members to showcase their personality and individual styles.

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