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Couples Photography Dallas, TX – Lily Hayes Photography

Oh how I love, LOVE shooting couples photography! Really, how can anyone not? There’s something truly special about photographing couples that kind of makes things euphoric, in a sense. It’s nice to be apart of and witness how two people can completely forget about everything else in this world and just have eyes for each other, even if it’s for just an hour. Being able to photograph love and how much it surrounds them, is truly something words cannot express and I just absolutely LOVE it! ♥

As a couple photographer, the feelings that I’ve captured through the camera lens is one that only strengthens my faith in the power of love. That cheeky grin, gentle touch and intimate peals of laughter – these are moments I try to immortalize through my photography. Contact me in Dallas and schedule your photo shoot.

(Please note, images have been decreased to low resolution to increase website speed. Therefore photos will not showcase, sharp and crisp in its entirety.)