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Dulled to Death By Routine? Plan a Glamorous Photoshoot with Your Family!

So, you’re finally living the dream. Married your dream partner, bought a comfortable house in the suburbs with a white picket fence, golden lab retriever named Cupcake, and three wonderful children who keep you busy driving around for ballet recitals and soccer practice. Life couldn’t be better!

family-photographer-dallasPINBut then it dawns on you as you sit in your kitchen, day after day, sipping the same coffee in the same mug, eating the same breakfast cereal with the same perfect family smiling the same saccharine sweet smiles.

And it sinks in like an anchor – the crippling monotony of life.

Family is a sacred institution and should be celebrated as such, so you can pass on your legacy and priceless memories to your children, and your children’s children.

Don’t give in to the plague of inertia and ignite the flames of love and laughter that compelled you to raise a family!

Immortalize Your Precious Moments with Family

Raising a family is a challenging endeavor. You probably didn’t feel “ready” to be a parent, but when it was time, you were there on the frontlines, facing everything like a trooper! Be it changing diapers, waking up at ungodly hours to tend to your newborn, working night-shifts to pay the bills and revisiting the horrors of math to help your kids with homework – you lived to tell the tale, and you’d do it all over again for family!

If your family means the world to you, but you suddenly feel alienated due to your job or their hectic social schedules, try to make an effort and bridge the gap!

Plan a day of fun and frolic outdoors – maybe the beach, a gorgeous national park, the promenade or a carnival, and hire a professional family photographer for a glamorous photoshoot!

It doesn’t matter how old you are or how old your kids are, the ties of a strong family always stand the test of time and it’s your job to make sure you savor every second of it! Frame these precious moments to illuminate a memory that’ll never fade.

For a delightful experience that feels less like a photoshoot and more like a family day, hire a photographer who’s not only experienced, but also shares your love for family! Dallas-based photographer, Lily Hayes, one of the best photographers in Dallas,takes professional photographs centered on family, weddings, maternity and lifestyle. Check out her impressive portfolio and contact her for bookings and inquiries.