What to Wear At a Family Photo Shoot

Have you thought of what you’ll be wearing at your family photoshoot? Don’t underestimate the impact of the right clothing as you plan this little memory-making exercise.

What to Wear At a Family Photo Shoot

They Were All Yellow..

..Sang Coldplay, but they don’t have to be!

Pick a color palette and have all family members wear items that have some of those colors included. Gone are the days when matching t-shirts and jeans was a trendy choice.

Uniform clothing eliminates an individual’s personality and takes away all creativity.

Instead, wear colors that complement each other. For example, instead of having everyone wear different shades of blue, you can include white, black and red as part of the color scheme and each member can wear something along that pattern.

Setting It Right

How you dress for your family shoot should also match where you have the shoot. If you’re planning to have a beach shoot, wearing frilly frocks and heels will look rather odd. Similarly, for a more formal setting, you’d want your outfits to have a little edge.

Choosing the right color scheme to complement your venue can do wonders. For instance, wearing a blend of orange, yellow, brown and black in an outdoor shoot during autumn will add a special touch to the photographs and will make for the perfect season’s greetings postcard!

Wardrobe Wonders

Just because you’re color coordinating your outfits doesn’t mean you can’t add variety to them! The girls don’t all have to wear dresses and the boys don’t have to all wear jeans. Mix it up a bit and pair up different outfits with each other that go together while being unique.

This will make for a greater visual appeal of your pictures. The patterns and colors you choose to wear are what will bring up the theme, and the more diverse your outfits are within that, better! Skirts, shorts, dresses, pants; don’t be afraid to incorporate all of these in your theme!

Wardrobe ideas for family photography

How’s It Hanging?

Think about where you’ll be displaying the family portraits. If you plan on hanging your photos in your living room that has a white color scheme, it’s probably not a good idea to have your clothing too dark or too bright that will have the picture looking out of place.

You don’t want to end up with the perfect family portrait with nowhere to put it! Think your picture placement through before you proceed to the photoshoot.

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