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Family Photography: Getting the Best Group Photo

From weddings to family gatherings, group photos are a staple in the photography business. They are also one of the trickier types of portraits to navigate.

PINSure, anyone can just click and snap a picture of a large gathering of people. However, any professional photographer worth their salt knows that getting the perfect group portrait requires a bit more skill and thought put into it.

So how can we work together to get a group photo that won’t disappoint?


The setting of the group photo is one of the key factors that can help it turn out well. Depending on the size of the gathering, an open space with room to move around is ideal.

The picture will already be inundated with people, so it’s essential to ensure there is no other clutter to distract from the focus of the shot.


How the people in the photo place and position themselves is also something that needs to be given thought. Is there someone, like a bride, who needs to be the focal point of the photo? Will some people stand while others sit? Will everyone be looking directly at the camera?

These are just a few of the things that must be considered before going ahead and taking the shot.


This is generally a no-brainer—without proper lighting, the quality of your photo is bound to suffer. If you’re shooting in the outdoors, keep in mind the time of day and weather will have an impact on the kind of lighting you have at your disposal.


Will everybody be smiling and looking straight at the camera? With a group portrait, there’s too much potential for someone or the other to have an expression at odds with the rest. Collaborate and coordinate, and get multiple shots taken!


If you’re planning a family portrait, then wardrobe is crucial to determining the aesthetic of the photo. Comfort comes first, of course, but it doesn’t hurt to avoid clothes that might clash or pull focus from the group shot.


Communication between the client and the photographer is the basis for everything working out smoothly. I always make sure to take into consideration the needs of the client in terms of location, posing, and other factors—getting a great group photo calls for a little group effort!

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