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Doing a Family Photoshoot—The Perfect Excuse for a Grand Reunion!

Family is a strange animal—they can be messy, ugly, over the top, and downright weird—but at the end of the day, there’s a connection that can’t be denied.PINWhen it comes to extended members of one’s family, distance may come in the way of regular get-togethers, but once everybody finally reunites, it’s like the bridge of separation never existed.

Holidays in particular are a great time to reunite with all the faces you don’t get to see so often, such as Christmas or Fourth of July. However, if you’re looking for an excuse to get everyone together on any old day, then why not plan a family portrait session?

Make an Event Out of It

Who says a photography session has to be awkward and stilted? You can make a whole day of it—plan some fun activities, an outing, or a dinner after the photo-shoot.

The photo-shoot itself will have a lot of room for friendly interaction and snapshots of conversation, and once the photographer has the pictures they need, everybody can take the friendly atmosphere to another location!

Multiple Generations in One Shot!

Planning your family portrait around grand family reunion means that at the end of the day, you’re going to have multiple generations all gathered into one picture.

From great grandparents to the tiny tots, you’ll have a lineup of all the family resemblances and individual idiosyncrasies in one satisfying group shot.

PINA Treasured Keepsake

With this family photo-shoot, you’re going to be procuring a keepsake that will be treasured by both current and future generations!

It’s rare to get everybody in one place at the same time, and everybody can look back on the photo and remember a beautiful day where everybody came together just to capture the bond of family on film.

As time goes on, people come and go—a family reunion with a photo-shoot in the mix can help cultivate memories and hold on to them in the future as things shift and paths diverge.

I’m Lily Hayes your best Dallas family photographer! With my years of expertise in the field, I can help get you the best shots of your family—no matter the size.

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