Important Occasions that Need to be Professionally Photographed

Our lives are shaped by monumental events like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and christenings. As almost all of these events are a celebration of love and life, it’s important to commemorate them with dances, cakes, parties, and tons of photographs.

Running a photography business, we understand the importance of professional photography to commemorate every happy occasion—big or small. After all, who doesn’t want to look back on memories that have been captured perfectly!

Apart from the obvious wedding and engagement photography, let’s look at some life-changing occasions that call for a professional photographer.

A New Home

It doesn’t matter if you’re moving into a rented space or your own home, the event needs to be memorialized; and who better to do it than a professional photographer? This is a chance for you to show the new digs to your friends, not to mention the chance to get some cute candids in a relaxed environment.

A Pet

If you think newborn photography is too mainstream, here’s how you can change it up—by hiring a professional photographer after you adopt a new pet. Not only do you get to put up some great quality pictures around the house, but they’ll also come in handy when you decide to make an Instagram account for your pet.

The bond between a cat or a dog and humans is a special one, so why not hire a photographer to capture it?

A Partner

Okay… just hear us out on this one. When you start dating someone new, there’s obviously a lack of comfort, not to mention that you still don’t know what the other person likes, dislikes, or doesn’t feel comfortable in indulging. We believe that photography sessions are the perfect chance to bond and get to know each other.

Declaration of Self-love

You don’t have to accomplish something to celebrate yourself. Self-love doesn’t come easy and more often than not, it’s easy to focus on the flaws rather than your beauty. With a solo photography session, you get a chance to debunk these negative thoughts and get a chance to feel beautiful without any strings attached.

declaration of Self-love

Whatever the occasion, we want to make your photoshoots as comfortable and as fun as possible. Choose Lily Hayes Photography for your big moment if you’re celebrating in Texas or Dallas and allow us a chance to capture the powerful memories for you.

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Documenting my own children's lives and they're organic way of being day after day, did I truly understand how PRICELESS photographs were. How much I wanted to spend every waking moment documenting their everyday life, before it too, became a faded memory. Soon after that it became an obsession to capture your very own life, and the life you love! :)


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