Indoor vs. Outdoor: What’s The Better Choice?

Photography is the best way to capture memories for a lifetime. Every now and again, it’s heartwarming to take out the old pictures and relive those memories. For the extra special days in life, you may want to enjoy your day instead of being behind the camera. You know just as well that the professional shots will be worth it!

Indoor vs. Outdoor What’s The Better Choice

Here is everything you need to know about choosing an indoor or outdoor shoot for your special occasion.

Indoor Shoots

Indoor Shoots - Photography

Whether it’s a pregnancy announcement or family portrait, you want the absolute best for your pictures. When booking a shoot indoors, the possibilities are endless!

Unlimited Lighting

 photography session

When you book a studio for your photography session or welcome the photographers into your home, you aren’t working against the clock. You have unlimited access to lighting, as much as your photographer brings along, to be precise. You don’t need to rely on the weather outside in order to get the perfect picture.

Homely feel

shooting indoors- Photography

Shooting indoors can have a lovely warming effect on the pictures taken. A Christmas portrait by the mantelpiece adds a dynamic like no other.

If you’re booking a baby photo shoot, then indoors is the preferred location. You need to tend to the comfort of the baby, someplace warm and safe for them to be photographed in. With baby shoots, often photographers bring in additional props to give the photograph more flare.


intimate photography sessions - privacy

There’s a level of privacy that can be achieved with indoor shoots. No passersby can pry on your shoot while you can work with your photographer to get the best results.

Such intimate photography sessions can help the photographer and subject focus on the task at hand. A studio or home is also better equipped with power and sockets for anything that requires power.

Booking a venue or making room

 Booking a venue or making room for photography session

One downside of an indoor shoot is that avenue needs to be booked. Additional cash is required to rent out a studio for a day.

If you choose to conduct the shoot at home then a bit of reshuffling of furniture will be required so you can expect your furniture to be lined up at one side of your house to make the vacant area look like a fashion shoot—but it’s all worth it!

Outdoor shoot

Natural Lighting

Outdoor shoot - Lighting

Nothing compares to the effect natural lighting has on portraits. If the images are captured in the golden hour, there is nothing quite like it. Such soft and diffused lighting is perfect to enhance the beauty of the subject.

When working with natural lighting, remember that there are limited hours in the day where they can execute such a shoot as well as the fact that natural lighting can be temperamental.

Background Background - Photography session

When working outdoors, no place is off limits. You can incorporate the best scenery, road side, country side or park to be the background while having the subject in the foreground.

One pertinent problem with outdoor shoots is that you can’t do much about passersby. Since you are on public property, it is as much your right to be there as it is to anyone else. Your shoot may be interrupted quite frequently due to people walking into the background.

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