Reimagining Family Portraits: Tips & Tricks

Times have changed and with it, traditional family portraits. People no longer want the same boring old home photographs of family members sitting on the dining table or posing by the front steps. They want to explore new options to make shoots a fun experience for their family.

Reimagining Family Portraits -Tips & Tricks

Let’s take a look at a few creative ideas to revamp family portraits.

Wear Matching Outfits…Or Not!

A family of four decked out in matching outfits sounds cute, doesn’t it? Wear similar colored outfits and accessories on your arms and in your hair to match your clothing.

If you want the theme of the shoot to be casual-comfortable, don on a pair of matching blue jeans and plain black T-shirts. Make sure your kids and your partner wear similar shoes and even go as far as parting their hair the same way.

However, if you are over the cheesiness of identical attire, then you can go all out and have no outfit co-ordination whatsoever. Let your toddler choose what they wish to wear. See what their creative mind comes up with. Even if it’s a pair of pants with nothing but a tie, let them roll with it. It will make for great stories for when they grow up.

Messy Can Be Fun

Who said you have to be prim and proper for every family portrait?

Be as messy as you can be and let the peals of laughter be your crown jewel as you flash those pearly whites to the camera.

Take a sharp turn towards the sandy beaches and the mucky grass in the public park. Wear simple white clothing and roll around in the wet grass and sand. Let your inner child come alive as you play with your children.

A Family of Superheroes

Fantasy film and comic superheroes have created another world for us to explore with their incredible story-lines and fantastic characters. Get your costumes on and pose as a family of superheroes ready to save the world.

Playing pretend and wearing a costume is not reserved for Halloween. Your kids will appreciate your efforts at incorporating their favorite cartoon characters for a fun family portrait that will be remembered for years to come.

Get Your Glam On

Let your inner diva shine through as you prepare for your yearly family portrait. Get inspired by magazine covers and the happening lives of the celebrities.

Make your family portrait shoot special by carefully crafting extravagant gowns, suits, and cloaks for the perfect glam photo shoot.

Have your two minutes of fame in front of the camera as you select a posh venue with a grand staircase to pose in your evening dresses. Customize miniature gowns for your kids and have a laugh while giving your best model pose.

Get Creative with Props

creative family portraits

Add some pizzazz into your family portraits by holding up prop letters spelling HOME, FAMILY or LOVE. Think up of different words that hold a special meaning for your family as a whole.

Make use of the seasons and incorporate fall leaves and pumpkins in your family photos. With your whole family gathered for Christmas, it is a great time to click some family portraits of everyone collectively holding cups of hot cocoa.

Don’t overdo it with the props though. Keep it minimalistic so that your family shines through in the photos.

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