The 7 Top Locations for Profile Photos in Dallas

Profile photo sessions are great if you want to add to your portfolio, for social media, or just to get lovely individual pictures of everyone in the family. However, what makes for a great profile picture is its location.

As a professional photographer, I love playing around in natural light settings and the outdoors are my happy place for taking pictures of my clients.

Locations for Profile Photos in Dallas

In this blog, I’ve listed some of my favorite locations in Dallas that are ideal for profile photos:

Downtown McKinney

Downtown McKinney offers plenty of photo ops for great profile pictures and social media pictures. There are loads of buildings in the area, each having its unique vibe, giving you plenty of backgrounds to play with.

Addison Circle Park

Addison Circle is a park that spreads over 10-acres of the city. It’s a popular location for many events and even has its own pavilion and stage. There are many fountains in the park, which make for a great background for profile pictures. The location is easy to access, making it ideal for children and seniors.

White Rock Lake

The White Rock Lake is a lovely romantic spot for photography. The serene lake in the background makes for some beautiful profile shots. When booking the venue, you also have access to the 17-foot sailboat, which results in some great pictures on the reservoir. Included in the package is access to a private dock and sailboat club.

Frisco Heritage Center


Frisco Heritage Center has an unbeatable charm. It’s the perfect blend of Texan country charm that we love so much. You get a barn-style vibe at the location, which results in some amazing casual-attire photographs. This location is quite popular for family portraits too.

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

Arbor Hills is a massive 200-acre part, making it a great outdoor location for photography. You have the option of shooting on grass, near massive trees, biking trails, and even on the playground when it’s empty. It’s a fun and engaging location for some interactive pictures.

Fountain Place

Fountain Place in Dallas is a 60-story postmodern skyscraper. There’s a fountain feature on the property with lush green trees and bushes around that make it a perfect place for taking pictures. It’s easy to walk around in and you can change locations quickly. This location is free to have photo sessions, which is a bonus.

Japanese Botanical Gardens

Botanical gardens are a fantastic place for photography. The deep green background allows for crisp pictures that are also easy on the eyes. The Japanese Botanical Gardens in Texas is an awe-inspiring 110-acre lush garden with a Japanese landscape. There are plenty of trails, bridges, foyers, and woodwork that translates beautifully in pictures. This location however, isn’t free and can cost $37 an hour.

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