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Tips For a Successful Portrait Session


Greetings!! Delighted you here! On this page you will find some of the best tips for a successful portrait session. I’ve always been a strong advocate on ways to help others with detailed information for a successful portrait session. Below you will find helpful tips on clothing, posing, location..etc. I hope you find this information useful and if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me. ♥


Patience is key! As a mom myself to my two young boys, I know things don’t often turn out as planned. Babies get hungry, toddlers get tired and we as parents must know how to adapt quickly. As a professional family and newborn photographer now, I’ve used information that I’ve gained as a mom, in order to help make your session go smoothly. If your toddler or baby is having a hard time during there session, we will slow down, go at there pace. Try your best to stay calm and relaxed because there’s always a sweet snap in every moment and every circumstance!


When trying to capture these moments, clothing is key. To create a classic look; choose something simple, without busy patterns or logos. This can often distract or create heavy contrast with the scenery. It is important to follow the seasons: nice bright solid colors in the spring/summer and rich warm solid colors in the fall/winter. Again this creates a nice flow and blends well with the background and scenery. Accessories can also create unique and special focal points.

In the end, the more natural and comfortable you and your love ones are, then better and more relaxed your photos will turn out. For posing, I love capturing the “in the moment” images that tell the story of you and the ones you love. I will definitely give you suggestions as I shoot, in order to pose you in a way you are comfortable with so that you can feel your best!

Before Your Session:

I highly recommend to come dress and ready to go for your session, including little ones. Children are more likely to get fussy when they are messed with too much during the session, for example feedings and outfit changes. Ladies if you wearing heels, it’s always a good idea to bring flats or sandals when there is a lot of walking involved, such as urban shoots.