Tips on Getting the Perfect Photographs with Your Children

Shooting with kids is different than shooting with adults. You can expect adults to understand your instructions and follow directions. Kids, on the other hand, are unpredictable. They have a mind of their own and are curious by nature. They rarely pose as you want them to and can get cranky really fast.


Tips on Getting the Perfect Photographs with Your ChildAs parents, you just have to roll with it and maintain a positive attitude throughout the shoot.

As photographers, we want you to have the best time at your family photo shoot. We want to capture the unique, sweet and fun moments that showcase your true relationship with your children.

We’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you, as parents, get the perfect shots with your children.

Posing Is Overrated

Staging a family shoot with kids sitting quietly and their hands folded neatly on their laps is not an easy feat.

Let them freely express themselves by waving their hands wildly in the air. The traditional idea of posing involves stiff poses and boring shots.

Don’t push your kids too hard to behave a certain way. Don’t contain their excitement. Let them jump around and run circles around you. Enjoy this time with them.

Professional photographers know how to capture flattering pictures of family moments that will be unique and not feel uncomfortable or awkward.

Heads Together

The best advice we can give you is to turn your heads together and pose for the camera. You can truly capture the relationship and interactions between your kids by sitting together and putting your heads close against each other.

Put your kids on your lap or let them hang off your shoulders. It will bring you to the same height and you can easily embrace your child and squish your cheeks together for a lovely picture.

Comfortable Clothes Makes For a Happy Kid

Make sure your kids are wearing comfortable clothes that do not make them feel too hot, cold or itchy.

kids are wearing comfortable clothes

If your children are busy complaining about their clothes, it would definitely show up in all their shots.

Don’t put them in stuffy suits and ties. Let them breathe in soft cotton shirts and pants. If you have an older kid who likes to choose their own clothes, then let them pick their outfit. It will make them happy and there will be fewer chances of them being cranky as the shots roll.

Plan Your Location Wisely

You have to be extra careful about the venue locations when you are shooting with kids. Be mindful of the weather conditions if you plan to shoot outside. You don’t want your kids to get sunburned or to catch a cold.

If you’re choosing an indoor location; make sure it is big enough so that your kids can run around freely without bumping into any photography equipment.

You can choose an outdoor location that provides shade (gazebos, porch, and decks) and an open space to shoot with natural lights (grass, gardens, parks).

Prep the Kids

If your child is a year old, it might be a good idea to starting preparing them a few days before the actual shoot.

Offer them candies and promises of ice-cream after the shoot is over and done with. It will motivate them to cooperate as they will have something to look forward to.

Make sure your kids are fed and their bellies are full. They must have had a full night’s sleep and a well-rested nap before the shoot. It will help preserve their energy and keep them engaged with the shoot.

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