Tips on Outfit Ideas for Family Christmas Cards

Brace yourself for holiday season and our favorite time of the year! The best part about enjoying Christmas with your loved ones is definitely getting together and taking portraits for the Christmas card.

The Christmas card tradition dates back to the early 19th century in the United States and originated in the United Kingdom. In the earlier days, it was only a select elite group in society who could afford to send them.

With gradual developments in the printing methods, it became more accessible and cheaper for everyone to send them. Personalized Christmas Cards still hold more meaning and sending them to your loved ones is both charming and thoughtful.

Here are some tips to keep in mind for your outfit choices for a family Christmas card including which colors to wear.

Stick to winter theme

A Christmas card should be festive and the theme should be obvious. When you pick your backdrop, you’re ultimately deciding the color of your outfits as well. A traditional red and green backdrop automatically eliminates the option to wear both of these colors unless you want to blend into the picture.  

You can also ask your photographer to add a gold backdrop as this makes most colors pop. If you’re taking pictures outside, avoid wearing white, even though the Kardashians made it work in their famous Christmas cards.

Add texture with accessories

A great way to break the monotony and add more texture to photographs is with the right accessories. Christmas time is perfect for experimenting with winter wardrobe like gloves, hats, boots as well as Christmas ornaments.

You can coordinate with sweaters and overcoats if it’s an outdoor shoot. If you want your pictures to be warm and cozy, consider wearing fabrics like flannel and faux fur.

The best color themes

There are no hard and fast rules anymore. You can choose whichever colors are more representative of you and your family. Are you more inclined towards traditional, festive colors? Or do you feel like being experimental this time around?

Christmas cards are meant to be personal, unique and most importantly fun! Solid colors and rich, earthy tones are more flattering in photographs and look great on all skin tones. Make sure everyone in the photograph is wearing shades of the same color palette because it looks more aesthetically pleasing.

A good photographer will be able to guide you and capture the best for your family Christmas card. For the best family portraits, Christmas card, and wedding photography services in Dallas, contact Lisa Hayes Photography.


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