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What To Wear To A Family Outdoor Family Photoshoot?

Are you planning an outdoor family photoshoot and are clueless about what to wear?

If so, don’t worry.

It’s often one of the most frequently asked questions by families who schedule an outdoor family photoshoot. And quite rightly so. Your choice of clothes for the day can significantly impact your overall look and the memories you create with the photo shoot.

This post will guide you through what to wear to an outdoor family photoshoot with Lily Hayes Photograpy. While there’s no definitive answer, we will share a few considerations and tips to help you make the right choice.  

Considerations When Choosing What to Wear to an Outdoor Family Photoshoot

#1. Where and How Do You Plan to Use the Photos

The most critical consideration is where and how you intend to use the photos taken at an outdoor family photoshoot. Do you want to display them in your home? If yes, then you need to consider the color scheme of the place where you intend to display the photos. What colors will gel in well with the existing décor?

If you plan to display your outdoor family photoshoot in your living room or your kid’s bedroom, decide on the colors that work well with the room’s color scheme and décor and then decide what to wear to the actual photoshoot.

Complementary colors in the picture can gel in well with the color scheme that you already have.

#2. Time of the Year

The season is also a really important consideration when it comes to deciding on what to wear to an outdoor family photoshoot.

Certain colors work best in a particular season. Similarly, certain types of clothing best suit a certain season.

Pastels and fresh, light colors make an excellent choice in spring, and warm colors like yellow and pink are often the right choice in summer. If you intend to get an outdoor family photoshoot in autumn, go for rusty oranges, crimson, browns, and creams, and your choice of warm reds and greens make perfect hues for winter.

It’s best to take a look around the base color of the space you choose for your photo shoot and then decide on clothes with contrasting colors to get the best clicks.

#3. Choose a Color Scheme for Your Entire Family

When you pick up a color scheme, make sure the entire family follows it. While not all family members have to look identical, a cohesive color scheme for the entire family makes the right choice

#4. Go for Smart but Comfortable Outfits

When it comes to deciding on what to wear for an outdoor family photoshoot, smart casuals always make the best choice. With a smart casual outfit, you’ll still look natural without compromising on your style and comfort.

So, What Will You Wear to Your Outdoor Family Photoshoot?

The tips that we have shared in this post will surely help you decide on what to wear to an outdoor family photoshoot. So, what are you waiting for? Decide on what you’ll wear to your outdoor family photoshoot and schedule an outdoor family photoshoot with Lily Hayes Photography.

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