What To Wear For Your Getting-Ready Shoot?

If you are already engaged, there is a good chance you spend a lot of time wondering what you should wear on your wedding day. In fact, most of us think of it since we were little girls.bridal-photography-rowlett

With the large number of blogs and magazines filled with awesome wedding dresses, you are not to blame for doodling your dress every now and then.

But have you considered what you are going to wear before the wedding dress?

I really love capturing a bride when she is getting ready. The private moments she shares with her accessories and jewelry, the smiles and happiness of loved ones – everything blends together to make up for unforgettable moments.

Even though as a bride you may be more conscious during this shoot, it is all about being yourself, relaxing and letting go (I have even captured brides in flip-flops and comfortable pajamas!).

Don’t fret! This blog post will guide you through three options you can consider to standout in your ‘getting-ready’ shoot:

#1-Try Out A Lace Romper!

Laces are undoubtedly, hands down bridal! On the other hand, rompers are cute, comfortable and even sexy.  When you combine laces with a romper you have one of the best attire for getting ready shoots. This is a perfect option to stay elegant during prep time.


Pajamas are comfy, and letÂ’s face it, weÂ’d rather stay in them every day, every second.

But how to make them classy enough for the shoot? Look for monogrammed pajamas. Perfectly embroidered initials can also become a memorable reminder of you joining your significant other’s family. Moreover, pajamas give you the additional benefit of pairing them with anything you are comfortable with – from silk to tank tops.


There is a good reason robes remain to be among the top choices for brides prepping for their getting-ready shoot. They are delicate, feminine and can make brides feel regal and pampered. Check out the collection of satin robes at best-wedding-pictures-ideasyour local store. If a friend is getting married, gift her an elegant satin robe!

Your wedding day is supposed to be all about you. Only choose something that genuinely makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. This is what will truly help bring out the best in your prep-shoot.

If you are looking for Dallas wedding photographers, look no further. Get in touch with me to setup a meeting to discuss your needs. DonÂ’t forget to browse through my bridal portfolio!

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