3 Stunning locations in Dallas For Wedding Photoshoot

Outdoor wedding photoshoot by Lily Hayes Photography

A well-tailored tuxedo, a sparkling dress, two smiling faces, and the perfect location is a recipe for a successful wedding photoshoot. Yes, the location you choose is equally important as the outfits you wear!

And when it comes to planning your wedding photoshoot, there’s no place better than Dallas. Filled with breathtaking landscapes, waterfalls, creative murals, and massive bridges, this city will be the perfect backdrop for your pictures.

Here are some stunning locations for you to choose from:

  1.  White Rock Lake

There’s nothing more beautiful than a gorgeous scenic lake surrounded by an endless open field. This location is best at sunrise and sunset, where the sun’s golden light shines on the couple and elevates the bride’s pearly white gown.

From candids and portraits to weddings, the couple can soak in the beauty of the location and enjoy as the photographer clicks some breathtaking pictures for them to cherish over the years.

  1.  Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens

If you’re looking for more greenery and structure, the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens will be a perfect pick. Designed with blooming gardens and acres of lush green lawn, this backdrop will bring instant life into your color pictures.

There are tons of outdoor and indoor spots for you and your loved one to pose, from Koi ponds and water walls to outdoor sculptures and unique architecture. What’s even great is that you can witness a beautiful view of white rock lake, making it one of the most versatile shoot venues in Dallas.

For the best pictures, schedule your shoot to end by 4:45 pm.

  1. Dallas Heritage Village

For a rustic or vintage vibe, the Dallas Heritage Village is an excellent choice. It’s home to the grandest collection of 19th century Victorian and pioneer architecture in Texas.

The place is spectacular during the golden hour as the sun’s reflection on these buildings makes for a gorgeous warm-hued backdrop. You can bring along some small props like message boards to add a story to your pictures.

Dallas is a vibrant city that has a rich history and landscapes under its belt. If you’re looking for an outdoor shoot location, our experts at Lily Hayes Photography can help you out. We provide a list of places in Dallas for you to choose from, so you can create magical and memorable wedding pictures. For baby, maternity, wedding, and engagement photography in Dallas, Texas, get in touch with us.

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