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5 Poses to Practice on Your Wedding Day

Is the big day finally here? Well, congratulations! We know you’ve waited so long for this, and now when you’re about to walk down the aisle, you want something to remember it by. Wedding photographs are keepsakes—and it’s important that they turn out flattering so you can cherish them forever.

While wedding photographers do help you strike a pose, it’s essential that you know something about poses yourself. Continue reading this blog to find out how you should pose to get some dreamy shots on your wedding day.


The One Where You Both Are Dressing Up

These shots are worth a fortune, not because they pay homage to your final moments as a single person, but because they portray all the emotions you feel when you get ready to enter a new phase of your life. From showing off your veil to slipping into shoes and fixing the bow, make sure you get all the details.


Intertwine Your Hands

Lock your hands and flaunt your wedding bands. Often, couples tend to focus on close ups and portraits for their wedding, and neglect hand shots only to feel regret later. Trust us when we say this: flaunting that gorgeous ring is necessary! You can either link your fingers together with your partner, or spice it up by placing your hand on the back of their head or neck as if you’re about to plant a kiss.


Take a Stroll with Your Significant Other

Make the day more magical by holding your beloved’s hand and taking a stroll across the location. The movement allows the photographer to capture your photos in a natural manner and showcase how beautiful your bridal gown and suit are.

Another way to incorporate this pose into the photoshoot is to walk with your backs toward the wedding photographer, allowing them to capture the rest of your ensemble.


Embrace Them to Show Your Love 

Research shows that kissing your beloved boosts dopamine in your body, so why not make them happy on your wedding day? Embrace your partner and kiss them for an amazing photo. When your love shines through your actions, the photos will show it—and you won’t run low on options for framing.


 A collage of a bride and her groom hugging and walking down the aisle

Live Your Cinderella Moment with a Lift and a Dip

This is the perfect day to bring your princess dreams to life! Ask your significant other to lift you up in their arms and into the air. Or to add a dramatic touch to the photos, ask them to take a dip with you. This pose is a must-try for all rom-com and Disney fans!


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