5 Questions You Need To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Finding the one can be overwhelming. While you’ve definitely found the one you’ll be marrying, finding the right photographer for your big day is no easy feat! Before you book your wedding photographer, be sure to ask them these questions.

5 Questions You Need To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

What’s Your Style?

Most photographers have a signature style and preference of where and how they shoot.

For example, they may usually shoot outdoor but if you want to make sure your photographer can also get magnificent indoor shots, you need to ask them. Don’t be shy about inquiring about their primary style! Picking a photographer who has the most experience in the style you want will give you the best results.

Have You Ever Shot At My Venue(s) Before?

If they’ve shot at your location previously, they’ll be aware of the lighting needs or other technical issues specific to that place. This will give them an edge over photographers who haven’t worked in that space before and will need to figure things out beforehand.

What Does Your Package Include?

When you’re paying a reasonable sum to your photographer, you want to know exactly what is included in their package. This will tell you about all about the costs and coverage and will allow you to plan accordingly.

For instance, albums, proofs, and additional photoshoots may or may not be included in the standard package.

Finding out about unexpected charges, later on, can be alarming and can cause a dent in your pocket. Always ask your photographer what their package entails.

Will The Images Be Retouched Before We See Them?

Some photographers retouch all your photos while others first show you the unedited proofs and then proceed to touch up the ones you select. This is done to balance color and lighting glitches to make the photos look perfect.

additional photoshoots

However, a lot of clients do not like the way certain edits may make them appear and prefer to have the original proofs with them. Ask your photographer what their usual method is and give them any specifications you may have.

How Soon Can We Get The Photos?

This is a question on every couple’s mind the minute they book a wedding photographer and rightly so! You’ll want to see photos from your big day ASAP and knowing how long it will take for that is important.

The dress, the décor, the guests; you want to see how everything and everyone looked, not to forget your pictures with your spouse! The wait is hard enough, but it can be even worse if you’re not sure when you’ll be getting your pictures.

Ask all your wedding photography queries to Lily Hayes Photography in Dallas and get ready for a wonderfully memorable experience on your big day!

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