Welcome to my website and thank you so much for stopping by! ♥  I have been married to my wonderful husband and friend, Mitchel for 9 years. Together we have 4 boys, Terrance-22, Daniel-15, Maddox-7 and Gavin-6. They are my greatest accomplishments, and keep my days very exciting, and not to mention busy!

I found my true calling in photography when my oldest Daniel, was born. Only then did I truly understand how PRICELESS photographs are and how much I wanted to spend every waking moment documenting his every day life before it soon became a faded memory. I heard a quote, years ago that will forever be engraved in my soul; “Time is our worst enemy, time waits for no-one, we can’t stop it…sometimes, time moves too fast leaving us struggling to keep up with, let alone appreciate, our lives and the lives of others”. My obsession with photographic memorabilia slowly became a desire to document your very own love of your life and the life you love!! ♥♥

It all started in 2010 when I decide to become a stay at home wife and mother to my other son, Maddox. Being a SAHM allowed me the freedom to learn photography. I made it my goal to teach myself everything I needed to know about digital photography. I studied photography INTENSELY for the next few months! I would sit and read all day, soaking up all I could about the fancy gear, technical skills, and business related to digital photography. It was a fascinating new ADVENTURE for me and I was OBSESSED! Then we got another surprise in 2011, I was expecting again!! Fast forward nine months and I had to put photography on hold to care for my two young kiddos. In 2013, I invested in professional equipment, studio lights and backdrops for a mini home studio. I was gradually making some money on the side, but EVERY PENNY I made went straight back into my business. Even though I was very busy with life as a SAHM, I was still able to buy new gear, new lenses, a new computer, and new software. A pretty expensive hobby, if you ask Mitchel, hehe!

On a whim one day I decided I was ready to start a photography business. I put an ad on Craigslist and I bought a website to showcase some recent work. I felt like an official “photographer” at this point, but I still had a lot of learning to do. I charged $65 a photo shoot and gave clients CDs of about 100 edited pictures…YIKES! I quickly became popular and SWAMPED with clients. From there, I just started to increasingly perfect my work, craft and technical skills to be where I am today. It took a lot of trials and errors but I’m so happy to say all that work paid off! NOW, I can officially say I’m a professional photographer and this time I am much more in CONTROL of my business and CONFIDENT in what I love to do! ♥♥♥