Fun Ways to Incorporate Your Children in Your Wedding Photo Shoot

Gone are the days when wedding invitations told you not to bring kids. As the world grows more sensitive to people’s obligations and responsibilities, we have been seeing children showing up at weddings right alongside their parents. But since it is such a rare sight, and because children have traditionally been shunned from wedding events, many people often end up scratching their heads when they try to work out ways to incorporate children into wedding photo shoots. (more…)

How to Pick the Perfect Spring Outfit for Engagement Photoshoot

Engagement photoshoot by Lily Hayes Photography

Booked a date for your engagement photoshoot, but don’t know what to wear? You’re not alone! Most engaged couples have jitters when it comes to deciding a theme, selecting poses, and an outfit to wear. After all, these pictures will appear on everything, including your save-the-date and social media! This is why it’s essential to pick out an outfit that you won’t regret five years later. Here are outfit picking tips for a cute springtime photoshoot: (more…)


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