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Strike a Pose On Your Wedding Day with These Tips

Your wedding is around the corner, and there’s so much to do; it must be overwhelming. Don’t let the stress of how to pose be another thing that weighs you down. You’ve been dreaming of your big day since you started planning for it. You’ve spent days perfecting each and every little detail. Your dress is a beauty in itself. The main lead, though, is you!

When you’re relaxed and ready to have fun, everything else will fall into place. Capturing that gorgeous energy that only a bride can bring to her wedding photography session is our job; yours is just to be you and have fun while doing so.

This blog gives tips on how to pose for your wedding and create pictures you’ll cherish for years to come.


First Things First, Relax

We cannot stress enough how important it is to relax and be comfortable in your skin. It’s easy to be nervous when the spotlight is on you, so take a moment to inhale, and then slowly exhale. Shake it out by moving your body so your muscles aren’t tense, and then get ready to give us your best smile.


Show Us Your Good Side

Let’s face it; each one of us has that good side that helps us get that perfect shot, even supermodels do that! Whichever side you feel is your more photogenic one is the one you want to face toward the wedding photographer. If you’re having trouble identifying which one that is, go through some photos to see which ones look more appealing to you.


A bride poses for her wedding photography session


Take a Step Back

Capturing the intricate details of your dress can take the attention away from you just a little bit so you can get into the groove of things. Give us a back shot or play with your veil to create a creative shot focusing on your gorgeous outfit.


Consider Adding Some Props

Looking to create something different? Throw in some props to give the shoot a theme or set a mood. Playing around with these accessories during the session will create spontaneous photos that are in a league of their own.

If you’re looking for an affordable wedding photographer in Dallas, contact us to book a slot. Whether you’re looking for engagement photography, wedding photography or bridal portraits, we will ensure you’re comfortable and enjoy the session.

5 Top Couple Portrait Poses You Should Try

Whether it’s your engagement, wedding or just something you want to do to reignite the spark, preparing to get that perfect couple’s portrait with your significant other can give you sleepless nights. But it doesn’t have to be this way. One of the best things you can do before a photo shoot is to go in prepared. This means doing your research on the poses you want to create while working with your wedding photographer.

Capturing and preserving these moments through photography creates a closeness between partners. Check out these top 5 poses for a couple’s portrait that will make for a beautiful trip down memory lane in the years to come.


Hand in Hand

Choose to create a walking pose with one of you a few steps ahead of the other or be side by side. Bring your own energy by allowing yourself to be spontaneous, whether that means laughing, looking at each other or even being silly.


Looking into Each Other’s Eyes

Eye gazing, or looking deep into one another’s eyes is known to bring about a deep spiritual and even a sensual connection. It ignites a sensual flame inside both partners and we love to capture that raw, fiery, connection between two love-birds.


The Natural One

If you’re looking for something ‘not-too-posey’, then this is the one for you! Get comfortable with each other doing things that bring a smile to your face naturally. Whisper sweet nothings to each other, laugh with your head back at an inside joke, or rest your head on your partner’s shoulder. Through the photographer’s lens, the magic you two bring into each other’s lives will come alive.


A collage of a smiling couple having their portraits taken


Stealing a Kiss

Who can deny their loved-one a kiss? Best to let the moment dictate what type of kiss it’s going to be. Whether it’s a passionate kiss, the one on the forehead or a quick peck on the cheek, the intimacy in that instance will shine through.


Getting Real Close

Your chemistry is one of the things that makes your relationship so wonderful. Pull each other real close for this one. A spontaneous bear-hug may make your partner blush which is all the more fun to get on film!

There’s a reason they say a picture speaks a thousand words; no matter which pose(s) you choose to recreate, remember the energy you and your partner bring to the shoot will make your experience unique. We capture that romance in the most genuine photography and can’t wait to make your moments memorable. If you’re looking for an engagement, wedding or family photographer in Dallas, get in touch with us now.

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