Big Day Blunders – Here’s 7 Things You Need to Tell Your Wedding Photographer Before the Big Day

Wedding photoshoot of a couple by Lily Hayes Photography

Congratulations! You’re getting married, and your big day is finally approaching!

If you’re so nervous about it that you can’t sleep at night, that’s completely fine and actually quite common. There must be so many things running through your mind like menu testing, location arrangements, weather forecasts, and perhaps most importantly: your wedding photographs.

Here’s how to ensure that you don’t have to suffer any photography blunders on your wedding day: talk to your photographer!

1.    What is the Dress Code for Them?

You need to brief your wedding photographer on the exact dress code they should follow to stand out from the crowd at your wedding in a respectful manner. You don’t want somebody in casual shorts and a tank top running around the venue that you’ve poured your heart into preparing.

2.    What are Your Must-take Photography Shots?

This is the most important part of hiring a professional wedding photographer.

They should know exactly what you’re expecting from them. Give your wedding photographer an extensive list of photography shots they must take at each of your wedding events (prep, ceremony, reception). This will ensure your ideal locations, details, angles, poses, and lighting are taken care of.

3.    What is the Order of Processions?

Let your photographer know the order in which the wedding processions will be playing out so that they can be prepared to take the photographs.

4.    Who are the Most Important Guests?

Introduce your wedding photographer to the most important guests you’ve invited. Doing this will help the photographer capture more pictures of the people you’d actually like to see in your wedding photo book.

5.    Who are the Wedding Coordinators?

Connect your photographer with the wedding coordinators who are managing the venue and the wedding. This will help the photographer better navigate the venue and know who to reach out to if they need help.

6.    Are There Any Surprises to Be Captured?

If there are any surprise musical acts or dances at your wedding reception, let your photographer know so they can be prepared to find the best angles and capture everyone’s reactions.

7.    What Do You NOT Want to Be Photographed?

Perhaps most importantly, tell your photographer the things you definitely do not want them to capture. This ensures that there are no pictures in your wedding photo book that spoil your mood later on.

Wedding photography at a ceremony by Lily Hayes


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Beautiful Backdrops – The 4 Best Photography Spots in Dallas

Dallas skyline in daylight

There are certain moments in history that completely change the way we look at people, places, and even entire cities. When you think of Dallas, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably the JFK assassination near Dealey Plaza that shook America and the entire world. And although its history is important to remember, Dallas is so much more than that one event.

The city is home to some of the best cultural activities and attractions in the US. Its bustling city life, live music, sports scene, and urban green spaces are just some of the things that make Dallas so appealing to tourists. We’ve listed some of the best spots in the city that would make stunning backdrops for your photography in Dallas, TX.

1.    Klyde Warren Park

The Klyde Warren Park has only been around in Dallas since 2012 but is already among the most stunning places in the city. It stands out from other similar parks because it is built over a freeway and is known for its gorgeous views that are characterized by a lot of greenery and clean open spaces.

There are tons of large trees and flower beds in the park, as well as a silhouetted view of the Dallas skyline from some spots that all make for stunning photography backdrops. This is a particularly good location for family and engagement photography.

2.    Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens

The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens are truly a sight to behold. These gardens are the perfect spot for professional photography, no matter what type of a photoshoot you’re trying to do. Be it newborn photography, maternity photoshoot, wedding and family photography or just general lifestyle photography – the gardens make for gorgeous backdrops thanks to their colorful natural beauty.

3.    White Rock Lake

The White Rock Lake around the botanical gardens is also a wonderful spot for professional photography in Dallas. The lake is known for its pristine clear waters and open view of the sky. This spot makes a beautiful backdrop, particularly at sunset. You can ask your photographer to take silhouette pictures of you and your partner if you’re having an engagement or wedding photoshoot.

4.    Mandalay Canals

If Venice is out of your reach, the Mandalay Canals in Las Colinas are no less of an eye-catching photography spot in Dallas, TX. You can get your professional photographer to take your wedding, engagement, lifestyle or family photographs on a gondola ride through the canals or on the sidewalks that run alongside it.

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