Most Popular Poses for an Engagement Shoot

Many of us wait months, sometimes years for out better half to pop the question. Saying yes comes next, and with that the anticipation of capturing the memory just right. After all, one day the photos might grace your bedroom wall, and of course, your social media timeline.

So, it’s necessary you plan out your proposal and hire an engagement photographer in Dallas. That way, you can look at the professional shots with joy for years to come. But if you’re confused about what pose to strike, we’ve compiled a list of poses for you to try and look amazing in all your photos. Continue reading!


Hold Hands

Beginning with the obvious, holding hands and showing off your ring to the camera is a must. Clasp your partner’s hand in your own in a way that the ring stays prominent and your photographer is able to capture it in all its glory.


Touch Their Face

Here’s another pose that will show the warmth and love you have for your betrothed. Gently cup the side of their face with either one or both hands and look into their eyes for a dreamy shot. Moving your hands a little lower and placing them on their neck – while your noses touch – is another great pose.


The Forehead Kiss

A kiss on the forehead can never go wrong. Stand close to your partner and plant your lips gently on their temple or their forehead. Closing your eyes while doing so will add a magical touch to the photo.


 A couple posing for a close-up shot

The Collar Grab

Pull them closer by their collar and keep your hands on it while smiling. A close-up shot of you gazing into their eyes can turn out extremely warm and cherish-able when shot by a professional engagement photographer.


Pop One foot in the Air

Bring your princess dreams to life and pose with a foot popped up in the air. To add a dash of enchantment, let your partner grab you by the waist and hold you up in the air.

Embrace Them Warmly

To make this pose work, face toward the camera and hug your partner close to you. They must be facing you, and the camera should be at their back. Spread your fingers a bit and hug them tightly for the picture.


Some More Tips and Tricks

  • Ensure that the site you choose for your proposal has good lighting.
  • Put on your best smile.
  • Be you. Let your personality and the bond between you and your partner shine through.

These are just a few trendy poses for your engagement, and Lily Hayes Photography can help you with so much more. We are a team of wedding photographers in Dallas, TX, who are trained to take professional, beautiful shots of you and your loved ones.

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Why Choosing a Beautiful Location for Your Wedding Photography Matters

Most couples decide on a venue right after they set a wedding date. And that makes total sense! Before you can paint a visual in your head, you should know where your big day is happening. While many factors influence the type of venue you select – guest count, budget, accessibility, if you can bring in outside caterers, indoor/outdoor options, getting ready space, and most importantly, your desired vibe and vision– and so much more!

This blog post aims to give a few additional items to think about when choosing your wedding venue, as seen through the eyes of a photographer!


Time is of the essence

Consider the time it will take to travel to and from your portrait location if your venue isn’t in the best area of town for your wedding photos. It may take longer than your timetable allows due to traffic, road closures, tourists, parking, and other factors. You might want to pick a location that provides everything you’ll need for a spectacular wedding day and photos.


Don’t miss the golden hour

The lovely period when the sun sets, and everything is drenched in gold tones is known as the golden hour. It’s the perfect time of day to squeeze in a couple more portraits—they’re sure to look fantastic! It usually necessitates staying at the location, as it frequently occurs around supper. Is your venue able to see the sunset, or is it obstructed by tall structures? Do you want to face east? A good photographer will definitely suggest you get some photos clicked during the golden hour.


Don’t ignore the indoor lighting

Not only your photographer but also your guests will notice the lighting. After all, they are the ones who’ll use it to establish the tone and enhance the ambiance. Is lighting included in your venue? Do you have any spotlights? Is it possible to use uplighting? Or can you use actual candles? All of these elements influence the tone of the event and how it is photographed.


Make sure you can make changes at the last moment too

Every venue has its personality, which you take into account while making your decision. You’ll probably want to personalize the space as well. Is there enough room at your venue for what you want? Do you have the ability to create centerpieces that reach the sky? Is it possible for you to create a hanging floral arrangement, drape it, or add twinkle lights? Because not every venue will be able to accommodate these events, be cautious and ask concerns when touring venues.


It only happens once!

All of this preparation is for one day only: you marry the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and dedicate a day to sharing this wonderful occasion with your loved ones. Keep those memories close to your heart, and don’t look back wishing you’d chosen a prettier location.


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Hi, there! I’m Lily Hayes, a professional, licensed legal, and insured wedding photographer based in Dallas, TX. I’ve worked with couples for their wedding photography and engagement photography in scenic locations. Reach out to me here; I’d be happy to capture moments from your big day for you!

Things to Look Out For When Hiring a Wedding Photographer

You can almost hear the wedding bells and the cheers.

You can imagine yourself walking down the aisle in the perfect dress.

And you can just see your man in his tux smiling at you on your wedding day!

Everything is perfect- just the way you imagined it.

Now only if you could just capture it and store this perfect day forever!

And that is exactly why you need a wedding photographer who will be, in a way- your eyes for that day!

Thank you, Johann Zahn, for inventing the camera in 1685!

But now you need a photographer who can capture your day? So how do you decide who to hire? What are the right questions you should ask?

Most importantly, how do you make sure you and your photographer see eye-to-eye? Get it?

Finding the right wedding shoe is easy. If it fits, it is great! Just walk an aisle in it, and you are set for the day. When it comes to the photographer for your wedding, here are a few tips that can help.




1. Research, Research, and a little more research 


A little research at this point is important. Before you begin, see what your budget for wedding photography is. Then do a little research to find photographers within this budget in Dallas.


 2. Look at the wedding photographer’s portfolio and work


The second step is to see the photographer’s portfolio and decide if you love their photography style. If you do, pick a few images/portraits that you love and make sure to communicate to them.


 3. Schedule an interview with the photographer


Set up an appointment with the shortlisted photographers. Meet them to see if the two of you click. Ask them questions and communicate your expectations. Be clear about what you want and what you need. Also, discuss important things like your budget, editing, payment method, and even a second-shooter option.

You can also ask to see their complete albums.

As wedding photographers, we at Lily Hayes love talking to our clients to get an idea of what they like and their vision for the event.

At Lily Hayes Photography, we understand planning a wedding can be stressful enough. This is why we make sure we support and respect what you want. After all, it is your magical day!

Our priority for all the wedding events- engagement and bridal sessions- we do is to make sure the pictures we take do justice to you and all the work, effort, and love that you have put in.

To see some of our work, you can view our wedding portfolio– and if you have any questions, contact us. We’d be happy to answer them for you!


Scenic Locations In Dallas For A Wedding Shoot

Do you want your wedding pictures to turn out beautifully? It goes without saying that a wedding is the start of many new things to come, so it’s only fitting to have every detail planned in advance.

If you are thinking of your having your wedding photography session at a stunning scenic location in Dallas, look no further.

Hi, I am Lily, owner of Lily Hayes Photography. I’ve been proudly providing top-notch photography services throughout Dallas for many years.

I’m not going to go into excruciating detail about how much scenery will enhance your wedding photographs but let me tell you something about scenery—it makes for great photographs!

And if there’s one thing Dallas is known for, it’s the abundance of scenic locations.

These Dallas areas make gorgeous backdrops for your wedding photos and other occasions:


1. The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens

The Arboretum is home to 66 acres of beautiful gardens that change with each season! At any time of year, you can find vibrant flowers in bloom, lush greenery, and sparkling fountains here, which provides the perfect backdrop for wedding photos and is one of the most popular spots in town.


2. The Nasher Sculpture Center

This unique sculpture garden is located in the heart of the city, with 55,000 square feet of indoor gallery space and over two acres of outdoor spaces, and accounts as another great location for a wedding shoot.

Located downtown near Klyde Warren Park (another good spot), the sculpture center is home to an impressive collection of modern sculptures from Rodin to Picasso. The outdoor garden features large sculptures surrounded by lush greenery and flowers. There’s also a reflecting pool where couples can pose for a photo with the Dallas skyline behind them.


3. Trinity Overlook Park

The Trinity River Audubon Center is home to a beautiful park that’s perfect for photos! You can even rent out a canoe or rowboat to make it extra special! There are a lot of different areas that make great backdrops—the bridge, the river, the trees, the waterfall—there’s so much to choose from for exclusive wedding photography!


Bridal photography in Dallas


4. Bishop Arts District

The Bishop Arts District has the most amazing backdrops. The streets are lined with beautiful murals, cute shops and restaurants, and the perfect architecture for that Pinterest-worthy shot. The cobblestone streets give it such a romantic vibe, and you can tell the area is full of love!


5. White Rock Lake

 Wedding photography near a lake


White Rock Lake is an urban oasis offering nearly 1,000 acres of serene natural beauty surrounded by miles of trails perfect for wedding photos. It has a tranquil lake with calm waters and lots of greenery around it for some dramatic city views and is perfect for catching breathtaking sunsets. Rangers are also available to provide tours by boat or horseback before your “I do’s”!

And since you have already decided to have a wedding shoot in Dallas, Texas, you can check out my wedding photographyfamily photography, and maternity photography shots online.

Reach out to me today and book your engagement or wedding photography session at affordable rates.


Hello-Bride-To-Be and Welcome!

Take a look around and I hope enjoy your stay and enjoy browsing through my work, as much as I love creating it!