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Tips To Choose Wedding Photos for Your Album

Wedding photographs are keepsakes that you’ll cherish for years. They’ll grace your walls and become your phone wallpapers too—so you must be careful when you’re choosing which photos to keep and which ones to discard when your wedding photographer rings to let you know that the draft is ready.

We know choosing photos can become frustrating, because you want to keep all of them, but a few tricks can be helpful in crafting a wonderful wedding album. Continue reading this piece to learn more about it.


Narrate Your Day with Visuals 

Your wedding photos narrate the happenings of the day from start to finish. From the moment you shift your veil to cover your face, and slip on those stunning heels to the moment you dance with your beloved and leave the destination of your wedding; photos show it all. Your photos aren’t just keepsakes—they tell the tale of your big day with pleasing visuals.


Choose Your Favorite Ones

Don’t fret about pleasing others, your wedding photos belong to you and your significant other. Choose the ones that both of you prefer over other photos. Whether they’re the ones that have your family standing by your side, or portraits that flaunt your veil and glittery wedding band—you call the shots.


Don’t Skip On Candid Shots

Because this is where the photographs depict you as you are. Whether the photographer catches your significant other looking at you tenderly, or you’re smiling walking down the aisle, candid moments can take your wedding album up a notch.


The Ones Where Your Love Shines Through 

You planned everything to the last detail, including what poses you’ll strike and how many romantic shots you want. So, when it’s time to plan your album, keep those shots in mind. The ones where you’re caressing your partner’s jaw, or taking a stroll with them hand in hand, and even when you both embrace each other as a married couple for the first time.


A bride wearing white stands with flowers in her hands


Don’t Skip On the Details 

Ask your wedding photographer to click some shots of the food at your wedding. The drinks that you’re serving and the appetizers too! But that’s not where the details end. Snap some close up shots of the dainty work on your dress, and even how flawless your hairdo looks from the back. Show off your acrylics while you hold on to your bridal bouquet for an adorable photo that you’ll cherish for years.


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5 Poses to Practice on Your Wedding Day

Is the big day finally here? Well, congratulations! We know you’ve waited so long for this, and now when you’re about to walk down the aisle, you want something to remember it by. Wedding photographs are keepsakes—and it’s important that they turn out flattering so you can cherish them forever.

While wedding photographers do help you strike a pose, it’s essential that you know something about poses yourself. Continue reading this blog to find out how you should pose to get some dreamy shots on your wedding day.


The One Where You Both Are Dressing Up

These shots are worth a fortune, not because they pay homage to your final moments as a single person, but because they portray all the emotions you feel when you get ready to enter a new phase of your life. From showing off your veil to slipping into shoes and fixing the bow, make sure you get all the details.


Intertwine Your Hands

Lock your hands and flaunt your wedding bands. Often, couples tend to focus on close ups and portraits for their wedding, and neglect hand shots only to feel regret later. Trust us when we say this: flaunting that gorgeous ring is necessary! You can either link your fingers together with your partner, or spice it up by placing your hand on the back of their head or neck as if you’re about to plant a kiss.


Take a Stroll with Your Significant Other

Make the day more magical by holding your beloved’s hand and taking a stroll across the location. The movement allows the photographer to capture your photos in a natural manner and showcase how beautiful your bridal gown and suit are.

Another way to incorporate this pose into the photoshoot is to walk with your backs toward the wedding photographer, allowing them to capture the rest of your ensemble.


Embrace Them to Show Your Love 

Research shows that kissing your beloved boosts dopamine in your body, so why not make them happy on your wedding day? Embrace your partner and kiss them for an amazing photo. When your love shines through your actions, the photos will show it—and you won’t run low on options for framing.


 A collage of a bride and her groom hugging and walking down the aisle

Live Your Cinderella Moment with a Lift and a Dip

This is the perfect day to bring your princess dreams to life! Ask your significant other to lift you up in their arms and into the air. Or to add a dramatic touch to the photos, ask them to take a dip with you. This pose is a must-try for all rom-com and Disney fans!


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Things To Keep In Mind For Your Wedding Photo Shoot

Your wedding is a day that you’re likely to remember and cherish forever—after all, it’s the celebration of love that you and your partner have for each other. You’re keeping an eye on everything wedding-related, so it’s natural to be conscious of how you want your wedding photos to turn out.

This blog will serve as an etiquette guide for your wedding photoshoot; here are a few things that you need to keep in mind when preparing for a dreamy photoshoot with your partner.


Visualize and Create a Mood Board

If you’ve been planning your wedding for some time, you must’ve been thinking about how you want the photos to turn out. Whether you want them to follow a lighter theme or one that is bold with some shadow play, consider creating a mood board on Pinterest. Mail it to your wedding photographer so they can work around that and deliver the required results.

The mood board will help your photographers determine what exactly you have envisioned, and what they need to do to accomplish that.


Choose an Ideal Location

Keeping in mind your preferred aesthetic, discuss your location options with your spouse-to-be. You have two major options to choose from: indoor spaces or outdoor locations. Both come with a set of pros and cons, and before choosing either of them, research in depth what suits you best.

Lily Hayes can work at just about any location, so you don’t have to worry about changing locations throughout the day to make your photos appear dreamy.


Don’t Be Tardy

Reach the location for your wedding photoshoot on time. This ensures that you have enough time to work with the photographer and don’t have to rush to the wedding venue. Wedding photographers require creative freedom and space to work in—and that can only be executed if you hold your end of the bargain and allow them time to explore different angles and lighting for your romantic photoshoot.

Keep in mind that apart from the couple’s photoshoot, you also have to prepare for photos with your family and other guests, and all of that requires time.  So, sticking to a strict schedule is crucial for a successful wedding photoshoot.


A bride and groom posing for a photo


Be Real. Be You.

While we understand that couples get nervous on their wedding day, we encourage you try and soothe your nerves to get effortlessly beautiful pictures. The more real you appear in front of the lens, the better the photos will turn out. Talk to your partner and learn what works best for you both. Relax, smile, and be comfortable while twirling and posing for the photos.

Discuss your poses beforehand so you don’t find yourself confused in the middle of the photoshoot, asking the photographer what to do next. While the photographers are there to capture your flattering angles, having a substantial amount of knowledge about poses can work wonders for you.


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Outdoor vs. Indoor Photography: What To Choose For Your Wedding Photo Shoot

Is your wedding just around the corner but you’re still unsure whether to opt for an indoor space or an outdoor location for your photoshoot? Wedding photographers in Dallas can help you choose the best option, based on your priority and how you want your pictures to turn out.

Continue reading this piece to compare and decide which option to go for.


Indoor vs. Outdoor Wedding Photoshoot

Indoor wedding photoshoots take place inside buildings; this building could be a roadside cafe, your spouse’s favorite art museum, or even a conventional photography studio.

Outdoor photoshoots, on the other hand, take place in an open space—under the shining sun or the cool light of the moon. They allow the couple to be one with nature. The natural landscape ensures that you have a wonderful photoshoot that you can be proud of for years to come.


Convenience and Comfort

Choosing an indoor location for your wedding photoshoot allows you to remain in a manually controlled environment. This means you won’t have to worry about the weather conditions, and neither blazing heat nor strong wind can ruin your pictures.

Opting for an outdoor location means that you’re willing to take the risk of dealing natural elements to get amazing pictures because natural light is magical! While it might be difficult to arrange for electrical sockets and use the equipment that requires an electrical or WiFi connection, the struggle would be worth it.


Privacy Concerns

An indoor space allows you to work in privacy, but only if you’ve rented the space.

A bride and her groom holding hands outdoors


Choosing an outdoor location, however, is beneficial in this regard, but only to a certain extent. Choose a public park or some other space that gets a lot of traffic and it’ll become a hassle to shoot the photos (for both the photographer and the couple). But, choosing a secluded outdoor location can work to your advantage, in addition to providing amazing background for your romantic photos.


Creative Freedom and Props

Indoor photoshoots are restricting in the sense that they have a limited amount of space. Moreover, rental authorities can also get in the way by reminding you how much time is left for your shoot, and that might make you rush through the photoshoot. Indoor spaces also have a limited number of backgrounds that you can work with to have beautiful pictures.


While outdoor photography has certain limitations and risks, it makes up for it with the variety of scenic backgrounds it provides. You can keep moving around and have many amazing photos that differ from each other and don’t look monotonous because of a single background. Also, it is unlikely that you’re renting the space per hour and so it won’t be heavy on your pocket.


Discuss indoor vs. outdoor photography options with your spouse and get in touch with Lily Hayes Photography for affordable wedding photography in Dallas. We also offer maternity and newborn photography packages.

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