Finding the Right Spring Theme for Your Texas Wedding

Planning a wedding is a massive project—especially if you want everything to look picture perfect. However, the solution to preventing a bridezilla moment is to organize yourself around one basic principle: the theme.

Here’s our take on what exciting themes work best for a spring wedding in Texas.


Fearlessly Floral

Deciding to go floral for a spring wedding can be intimidating, especially since it’s been done to death. The key to making this theme your own is to go local with your choices. Texan wildflowers like bluebonnets, bluebells, and fleabane work well together, creating a mix of calm blue and fresh white. Use the color combination to your advantage by pairing your white dress with a blue bouquet!

Have your man and his groomsmen wear floral pocket squares for that extra accent. Don’t be afraid to add floral flourishes to your bridesmaids’ dresses either.

Ask your photographer if they can arrange for a shower of blue and white petals during your wedding photography session to add the final touch.

Classical Copper

If you’re not the type who enjoys ultra-flowery themes, you can try to incorporate metals into your decorations, while holding off on color in your floral décor as well.
Ask your decorator for metal frame copper chairs to create a delicate balance with classic wedding arrangements—especially if the wedding is happening outdoors.

floral décor

Basic Barnyard Bash

If you’re in the mood for a departure from tradition, go for a ceremony in an open field with rugs laid out on the grass and everyday wooden seating. 

To enjoy the natural scenery around you, picking a beautiful spot is essential. You can check out some nearby farms for the ceremony, and set up for the reception in a barn.

Enjoy the open sky and intimate setting by making all your plans as simple as possible. Get a simple, casual dress with edgy details for that modern bride look. You can keep the flowers to a minimum—or take them out of the equation altogether. Either way, you can keep things as casual as you want!

With the amount of work that goes into planning a wedding, you’ll want to remember every moment of the big day. Reach out to me here to book my affordable wedding photography services in Dallas, TX, and nearby areas. 

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